Ads and Media

Do you want to advertise on my blog? I’d love to have you! Since I’m still small-time, my rates are cheap! But one day I’ll be a big deal, and that won’t be the case anymore. Email me at LilFamilyBlog at and we’ll talk. Buttons and banners, we’ll work it out.

Want some free advertising? Then let me review your products/services. I spend a few hours trying, photographing, convincing a 2-year-old to model, researching, and writing your reviews. I do love getting free things, but I do put work into it for you to write you an interesting, informative, and personal review. So I guess it’s an even exchange. And offering a giveaway for a reader to win just encourages more people to read it and pass it around.

I’ll also consider trades/bartering. I’ll advertise in exchange for advertisement of my blog. Or I’ll post your button in exchange for samples, services, or other goodies. You know what bartering is, I don’t have to explain it.

Have any other questions? Just email me! I don’t bite.


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