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Halloween 2011

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NEW BLOG POST: Halloween!

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New Blog Post: Lily Starts Pre-School

New blog post, about Lily’s pre-school:

Lil Family Blog: The Situation… just got better

New Blog Post:

New Blog Post: FLASHBACK #2: The Beginning of my Search

New Blog Post: FLASHBACK #2: The Beginning of my Search

On Adoption

New Blog Post: On Adoption

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New Blog Post: Flashbacks / Flashback #1: A Confession, On Reading

New Blog Post:

STARBUCKS UPDATE: Part 3. Inaction and Broken Promises


Go here to read our 3rd STARBUCKS update:

Sadly, no action was taken on the part of Starbucks, and we are asking for your HELP.


Gay Marriage Passed in New York tonight!!! Read my blog entry about it here:

The Blog Post That Turned Our Life Upside Down

New Blog Post:

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