New Hair Cut / 18 Inches for Donation

On Saturday I got my first major haircut since 2006. (I had a few trims in between). The last time I cut my hair short, I wanted to donate my hair, but I think I needed 10 inches and I had only cut off 9 (what a waste!) So this time I was determined to donate.

So Saturday I went and got a short haircut and saved the ponytail. I took before and after photos (and the last photo in the purple t-shirt was this morning before work). The ponytail for donation is 18 inches long! Wow!

My only question now is… where?
Pantene Beautiful Lengths?
Locks of Love?
Wigs For Kids?

Pantene gives wigs for free to cancer patients (of all ages and genders). Locks of Love sells wigs to children with permanent hair loss at a fraction of the price of purchasing a wig at retail. And Wigs for Kids seems to be a regional thing?

But I’m hearing negative things about Locks for Love online. That they collect enough hair to make 10,000 wigs a year, but have only made 1,400 in the entire time the charity has been around? But I do realize that not just hair is needed to make the wigs, there IS a cost to make them. But that does seem like a pretty small percentage.

If anyone is familiar with these organizations or has info or advice, I’d love to hear it.

Choices choices…

I am just not sure who to send it to. I won’t “miss” it, but I’d still like it to go to the best possible charity/organization. Maybe it doesn’t matter, maybe they are all great. This week has been busy, but next week I’m going to decide and send it out.


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  1. I’ve had long hair my entire life – just can’t seem to part with it (no matter how terrible it looks). If I ever did, I definitely would donate it though. I’m about the same size/weight as you and always worried that short hair would look bad on me and I envy people who just chop it all off. Just wanted to tell you that, as a stranger, I think your short hair looks great and actually like the style better than the long hair on you! ~Rebecca

    • Thanks so much for the kind words!
      I’ve had long hair most of my life with about 3 drastic short cuts dividing the time. It’s not so much that I love long hair, but that I find it easier in a lot of ways… just pulling it back in a bun and running out. Short hair can give you bedhead!
      And I, too, struggling with weight was always afraid of looking fatter – but as you can see, I probably look better and more stylish now.

      I haven’t talked about this in my blog yet, but I have been trying to lose weight (again) and a new haircut/style was going to be my reward for reaching my first goal (20 pounds). I haven’t quite made it yet (I’ve lost 16) but I just needed the liberation of short wash-and-go hair and

  2. Check out this website. It is a charity evaluator. The link is for Locks of Love (which i guess is not as bad as other peopl have made it out to be), but you can also look at the other organizations you are thinking of donating to.

  3. What a wonderful thing for you to do. My daughter did the same thing . I must admit that I did cry inside for her lovely hair. But most of my tears were for the fact that she cared enough to Donate it to some one that needed it.

  4. As terrible as it sounds, I do NOT recommend Locks of Love. According to everything I have read, they actually THROW AWAY most of the hair they receive because they get so much of it, and a lot of it they actually SELL. And you’re right about the ridiculously small number of wigs they do make & donate – their qualification standards are ridiculously strict, and most cancer kids don’t actually qualify.

  5. Many places will not take hair that has been colored or has had other treatments. It also has to be cut and bagged a certain way, usually it’s done at the salon.

  6. I donated to Locks of Love once (as did my husband) because we weren’t aware of other options. I never really did any research, I just asked the salon that cut it if I could donate it, and they gave me an address to mail it to (which I had to package, ship, and pay for myself). It was a “by-default” donation, because, hey, I didn’t want it. I didn’t feel the need to really look into it too much because it was that, or trash, and I wanted to take the chance of it doing some good. I don’t really intend to LET me hair get long enough to ever have enough to donate again, so I haven’t looked into it since. I will say the “thank-you” postcard that Locks of Love sent me was kinda creepy-looking.

    All that said (which was entirely unhelpful, I know), you look FANTASTIC with short hair. It frames your face very very well and makes you look quite young! Not that I have any idea how old you ARE (nor do I intend to say you looked old before!), but it’s still very flattering on you.

    -Random New Reader 🙂

  7. I’ve donated my hair on several occasions, and done all the same research you’re trying to do. And my most recent donation (14 inches) went to Pantene Beautiful Lengths.

    The main problem that I have with Locks of Love is that for a very long time, what they said they were doing and what they were actually doing was two completely different things. They claimed for a very long time that they were making real hair wigs for kids with cancer. What they are actually doing is making real hair wigs, selling those wigs, and then using the money to buy poly wigs for kids with a condition that causes permanent baldness (alopecia). They are A LOT more open about their policies these days (the internet being a funny place which makes that sort of info more widely available), but the slight of hand was rather off putting for me.

    Wigs for Kids is great, and it’s doing a great thing, but I eventually went with Pantene Beautiful Lengths for several reasons:

    1) They are more up front about what they do with the donated hair they can’t use. Locks of Love and Wigs For Kids hid this for a long time. Pantene says right on their website that they sell the hair and use the money to fund more wigs.

    2) Pantene takes hair with a higher percentage of grey in it than Wigs for Kids or Locks of Love. Something that’s becoming a concern for me these days. 😀

    3) Pantene’s minimum hair length is the shortest of all the charities, something I know a lot of donors are concerned about, since not everyone has the willpower to put up with long hair for that long.

    Regardless of who you go with, you’re doing a good thing. And your haircut looks great.

    • Thanks. I see nothing on the Locks of Love website about giving the kids synthetic hair wigs! That shocks me.

      I keep hearing negative about LoL. Since I don’t have any real facts, maybe Pantene is the way to go.

  8. U have a cool hair style,look nice .Mine look like yours.
    But why u cuted it?

  9. another thing to remember is that most places will not make wigs for children out of adult hair. so as an adult donating hair, your hair will either go to a wig for adults or the hair will get sold to make money for the organization you do choose, whether that money be used to cover operating costs, supplies or synthetic wigs for children and/or adults. either way you will be doing a good thing! good job!

  10. Go with Pantene. Do NOT donate to Locks of Love. Your hair likely will never get used for any good cause and will just put money in their pockets instead. Locks of Love has a bad history of not making wigs for children with cancer, and charging most wig recipients for the wig rather than it being a charitable donation. That’s when they actually make wigs at all. Most hair is “unusable” to them and is sold off to others instead.

    Pantene is far more reliable and is far less likely to use your hair for personal gain.

  11. I also sent my hair to Pantene Beautiful lengths (after researching online) and you do NOT have to have it done by a salon. In fact I had my hair cut off at a salon that works with Locks of Love and they cut your hair for free if you donate to them but I elected to pay rather than have my hair given to a slightly shady organization.

    Amazingly someone else in the salon heard me explaining to my stylist what I was doing and they paid for my hair cut anonymously. Sometimes people can be good. (17 inches btw). ❤

  12. I’ve donated to Locks of Love several times and I knew that they sold unusable hair but I’m not liking the stories that I’m reading here from other posters. I was planning on cutting my hair off next month and donating again but it looks like I’ll be sending to Pantene this time around. Thanks for all the info ladies!

    PS> the short hair do looks AMAZING on you!

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