Radio Interview Airs in 4+ Hours…

Missy did a radio interview regarding the incident at Starbucks, please tune in.
(Click the link for the exact air time).


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  1. Good morning!

    The interview will be done, live, at 3:30pm ET/12:30 PT.

    EXCLUSIVE: SavvyLiving!™ with Marcinho… I interview the Alleged Anti-Gay Incident’s @starbucks “Samaritan” 6/15

    Today at 3:30 ET.

    SavvyLiving™ with Marcinho Savant: Missy Donatuti-Alison

    “Missy Donatuti-Alison is the ember at the center of the firestorm brewing on New York’s Long Island— all concerning allegations of anti-gay verbal abuse bully… Jun 15…”

  2. Yesterday I listened to the radio show. Marcinho Equality Savant is an old dear friend in my family so usually most things he gets behind he does for a great cause. Which in turn myself and my super supportive family back him 100%. After reading and listening to the show about what happened in the starbucks. i was disgusted at how the situation was handled. how he was spoken about and that you and your child had to hear even a word of it. it was wrong. i have family in centerreach and i believe my cousin may be an acquaintance of his. I’m not sure though. I do know that what was said about him even not in his presence is shocking and a disgrace to all. I’m originally from NY and am i proud supporter of my home state. but hearing this made me sad to see that even in this day and age people are put down for who they are. who they are acquainted with , who they love. its wrong. I’m from a family where i have 2 mommy’s (technically 3 if you count the woman my dad is remarried too). I love my family for their unique structure, Ive lived a life where i because of my family structure have had a few encounters with this myself. What people don’t understand they fear. I love my family, my 2 mommy’s and you know what? i turned out just fine if not better off than most children because Ive become a person who accepts people of every color, stripe, background, race, religion, and sexuality. i don’t care who you are your welcome in my book. i believe your daughters name is Lilly, well she is blessed and will lead a great life with mommy’s like you two who stand up for others and show her to love everyone regardless of what they are or who they are. Every person who does what you did leads us one step closer to the equality that this world needs. so thank you ❤

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