The story was featured on a Seattle TV station:

We are just so overwhelmed at the reaction this has gotten. Oh my god, it’s a 3 and a half minute news story (you can watch it at the above link). Both Missy and Jeff have given phone interviews are are included here. Wow.


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  1. I read this story on your blog – via facebook. You are exceptional people to take this stand and Thank you, and thank you again. That poor kid. I’m sure with all this attention Starbucks in Long Island may be looking for a new manager soon.

  2. Awesome. It’s amazing what a difference one person can make.

  3. My friend posted a link to your blog on facebook, with your wife’s letter to Starbucks. I was appalled as I read it that in this day and age people can still be so nasty and ignorant.
    I’m glad this is getting the publicity it deserves to help raise awareness and say that NO this is NOT ok!
    Much love, respect and support
    From across the pond in England.

  4. Well done to all of you for taking a stand and getting the word out, it really does something to restore my faith in humanity. Hopefully that disgusting homophobic idiot will lose *her* job.

  5. I thank you for your bravery and support here in Seattle. I drive by Starbucks headquarters in a regular basis and have always loved their delicious (if overpriced) coffee. After reading your blog and the news surrounding it, I was completely astonished. Starbucks was one of the last places I could have thought something happening. Once again, thank you.

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