Strange Craving

I have the strangest craving today… especially since I’ve only had it once in my life.   I’m talking about French macarons.  The first place I saw them was at a cafe/restaurant near my house, but I didn’t know what they were, besides adorable, colored little cakes.  Then, when we were in Philadelphia last month (or was it 2 months ag0), my friend Val told me she had a box of French macaroons that her parents sent her from France, and would I like to taste them with her.  In my mind, I pictured those little turd-shaped coconut balls which I remember being offered on many Passovers… because they are Kosher.  Instead she opened this tiny box with 8 or 10 beautiful, colored little cakes.  We didn’t know the flavors, so we tasted each one and tried to guess (looking at it now, we guessed “orange blossom” and “blackcurrant violet” wrong) and the flavors were so delicate and divine.  The rose was my favorite.  Meanwhile, in the dumpiest hotel room ever, Missy and Brontis talked comic books and video games while we had little bites of heaven.

I’m not sure what reminded me of them today… but I think I need to go get one in the near future.  They’re not cheap.  (Around $3 a piece for a cookie the size of an Oreo).  Anyone wanna come with me?

Are you a fan of these?


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  1. These – are a little bit of Heaven in the real world…

    My oldest son’s co-worker & a friend of hers – have a business on the side = making these “Amazing” ~ gosh – there just aren’t any words right now to describe these little bites of “Glory”….. Free sample box to his co-workers (and therefore us) on Valentine’s Day this year – & now – just trying to decide which event to purchase The Dozen I have been Dreaming On – for – maybe 2 dozen?

    I’m a new “Follower” ~~ don’t know if I’ll be here that often – read an article – in our Toronto Star – thank you for reaching out….

    ~~SMILE~~ – I’ll try to remember to check in sometime – however with about 1000 favourites since October 2011 – on Autism & now A.D.H.D. – our son was recently diagnosed (although Asperger’s may not the be term in his future – as they are supposed to remove it from the updated DSM – in about 18 months – I would say – we have been directed to read those reference books/watch those documentaries & embrace that portion of the Spectrum) – he is 5 – >>> But on a really good day – I’ll think back to the article – & make some time to read your Blog anew….

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