>Veguary Guest Blogger *Christine*


Although "February" is over… Veguary lives on… and i have one more guest blogger… Christine!:

When Dana asked me to guest blog for Veguary, I had some trouble trying to decide what to write about and she suggested “something personal about vegetarianism”. I’ve been varying degrees of vegetarian since I was kid, but I’m not a vegetarian right now. My friend tells me that what I am is flexitarian. Veguary defines a flexitarian as someone who doesn’t eat red meat. I do eat red meat, but I also know some people who say they are vegetarian and they eat chicken. To avoid the confusion of nebulous vegetarian labels, I’ll describe my personal eating philosophy and you can call it whatever you want (I call it not being a vegetarian). My roommate and I keep a vegetarian kitchen and we primarily cook vegan. We even started a vegan cooking co-op, where we meet up and swap dishes with actual vegans. I really enjoy playing around with recipes and making them vegan. We had a southern themed brunch party and I made a vegan pecan pie with a recipe I adapted from a Kentucky Bourbon cookbook and vegan sausage gravy. I made the vegan sausage gravy again for Christmas breakfast with my family and my niece, Charlotte, went crazy for it and refused to eat the regular sausage gravy. It was an intensely proud moment for me. My dog, Weebles, eats vegetarian dog food because he has allergies and that is all that seems to work for him. One of his favorite treats is baby carrots.

If I order takeout, it will usually involve cheese because it is usually iizza. When I eat out, I eat whatever I want. Sometimes, that involves a bacon cheeseburger or seafood. I’d like to be a vegan, but I also like cheese and and I personally don’t see a difference between eating cheese and eating a hamburger. I was a lacto-ovo vegetarian for years, and I got to the point where I really just felt like a hypocrite because I am aware that cows and chickens die for milk and eggs just as much as they do for beef and chicken. I was recently diagnosed with an allergy to milk and wheat, so that may end up being the final push for me. At the moment, I am trying really, really hard to not eat cheese anymore, but I have had cashew ice cream that is better than real ice cream and I hear they make cheese from cashews too so I think I can do it. I did make really tasty mac & cheese from a recipe I found on the PPK blog, and I have a vegan cheesemaking book on my Amazon wish list.

So pledging to not eat meat for Veguary was kind of like pledging not to shave my legs in February. Chances are, neither of those things would have happened anyway. In fact, I spent a week in Paris with my sister and ate things that I very rarely eat, like real butter and cheese and cappuccino with real milk without breaking the pledge. The most delicious foods in Paris are vegetarian, including bread slathered with sweet butter, pain au chocolat, croissants, pasta, cheese and various different kinds of cappuccino. We did a day trip to Brussels and ate waffles, pommes frites, chocolate and beer. I feel like we had a great experience and pretty much ate our way through both cities without feeling the least bit deprived by not eating meat. I intended to check out some vegetarian restaurants, but we just never got around to actually eating in a restaurant. I suppose there is always next time.

— Christine L

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