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A few days ago I posted about car shopping and my difficult decisions Well, on Friday I had one of those totally cliche “used car salesman” experiences. 
I had already put a deposit on a black 2007 Jeep Liberty, but Missy found online a black 2008 with less milage for the same price.  We called, he said “I’m lookin’ right at it,” and that I better come down ASAP because it wouldn’t be there for long. So the next day, we drove an hour and a half to go see it.  We got there and we were “passed off” to a salesman who said “let’s go and find the Jeep.”  So we walked around the parking lot on the ice until we found the black Liberty… but it had a sticker on it that said 2009, but the same mileage as the one online, so we asked if it was the same one.  He told us “yeah yeah, just a discrepancy” and so I asked if it was the same price and he didn’t give a straight answer.  So we sat in it, checked it out, etc.  Then we went inside to fill out an application and I asked again if it was the correct price.  It seemed too good to be true.  He went and got keys and plates and took us for a test drive.  He made me drive alllll around, on the highway, etc.  Compared to the loaner Hyundai Sonata I’ve been driving, it drove like a dream.  He schmoozed us, talked about the Hamptons, his dog, fishing, etc.  We went back to the showroom and filled out more paperwork.  We were there for about 2 hours.  Finally, he comes back with a number on a slip of paper, and it was the monthly payment.  I take a peek, and it’s DOUBLE what it should be, and so I told him that.  He smugly said, well, that’s what it costs!  But I said, you said the price was X.  And he said, well the price varies depending on your credit (and mine is not great).  I told him, no it doesn’t!  The price is the price, then the interest rate varies the monthly payment based on credit.  So I asked what the sticker price was and he avoided the question for a fourth time.  I finally had to say “are you refusing to tell me the price of the car?” And he said, well, no, it’s X+4K.  What!!!  $4,000 more???  But even so, the monthly payments shouldn’t be double.  I asked the interest rate and they refused to tell me. Needless to say, the whole thing was shady.  When things seem too good to be true…. usually they are.  I got so annoyed, angry.  Not because the 2009 car cost $4K more than the 2007 I looked at, that seemed fair.  And not because I couldn’t afford it.  But because at that point they had wasted FOUR hours of my time.  Lilian was still at her grandma’s house, and after a long work week, I wanted to see her.  I told him I was furious he lied and wasted both of our time.  He said “he didn’t see it that way.”  And then I got up to storm out and he said “I’m sorry” and I blurted out “you should be”… LOL.  We all know used car salesmen lie… it’s the cliche, but he blatantly lied to direct questions and refused to answer others.  He wasted almost 6 hours of my Friday evening, and I nearly left in tears.  Ugh.
Generation Kia in Medford, NY, shame on you.
So the next morning Missy did lots of research before I even woke up, and she came in and told me she found a dealership with 6+ of the car I wanted on the lot in Westchester county (about 3+ hours away).  So we decided to make the trip, but the good news being that since it was only 20 minutes from my dad’s house, he met us there.  We looked at the listings for the available cars and narrowed it down to the two with the lowest mileage… one was a 2007 in bright silver and one was a 2008 in classic Jeep green.  We test drove the 2008 and had to make a decision.  My dad “had a bad feeling” about the silver one and I didn’t like the color, so we decided to go with the green.  It’s not 100% a done deal yet, they are finalizing the financing, but my dad surprised me by offering to co-sign if he had to, so it’s probably close to a done deal.  We’ll be able to go pick it up in 7-10 days.  I already paid my down payment, and I’m super excited.  Having my dad there made it SO much less stressful because I trust his judgment, and I knew he wouldn’t let me hand over my hardearned money on a shady deal.  So hopefully within 2 weeks we’ll be driving our new car!  Yay!


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  1. >You are doing the Kia dealer a great service by NOT mentioning the interest rate they quoted. It was criminal and if people knew their heads would spin in disbelief.

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