>This Is So Unlike Me


I’m usually really “good” at making decisions.  Not that I always make the “right” decision, because I have been known to, on occasion, make mistakes.  But I am usually an efficient decider.  I see my choices, I know what I want, and I choose.  I’m not wishy washy, I know what I want/like and I’m usually so secure in my decisions.
At the end of October, my beloved Joan Jetta (my 2003 VW Jetta) had her engine catch on fire, and it was more money to replace than she was worth, and so I chose not to repair her.  We’ve been driving my FIL’s Sonata while he has been in Europe, but he needs his car back and I’ve procrastinated enough, and so we need to buy a car, ASAP.  We’ve been a one car family all along, and we will be for a little while more, so it’s a big decision.
We need room – for carseat(s), luggage, shopping trips, hauling furniture purchases, etc.  We need something good in all weather, this winter has taught us.  But we don’t want something enormous or a gas guzzler.  We want something reliable, but still cute and sporty. 
We went shopping last weekend and we were shown a 2007 Jeep Liberty and we loved it.  It’s the “compact” SUV of the Jeep family, and gets good gas milage. Seats fold down for hauling.  Backseat is way roomier than my Jetta, and it has 4 wheel drive.  It’s compact, cute, and curvy.  And most importantly, it’s affordable!  (It’s the black Jeep in the photos).  But today, we’re going to test drive a 2008 Jeep Liberty.  Newer should be better, right?  Well, in 2008 they changed the whole design.  It’s boxier and more utilitarian looking.  I prefer the mosre feminine design of the 2007.  (The 2008 is the silver one in the photos).  But obviously, a newer car is bound to last longer.  So, longevity vs. the cute factor?
And am I 100% positive the Jeep Liberty is what we want?  No.  But it seems to be the best compact SUV in our price range.
Normally, I can just make a decision.  I bought my Jetta on the spot and signed off same day.  Same with most of my furniture, and even my wedding rings.  I’m good at making decisions!  But this time, I’m afraid to just say “ok, this is it!  Let’s go for it!”  I need this car to last us 5-ish years, and I’m terrified of a bad decision.  I’ve gotten at least 5 people involved with helping us decide, and got so-so advice from some.
This is just so unlike me…


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