Lil Family Blog will be celebrating Veguary this month, with a series of articles about vegetarianism, animal rights, nutrition, etc.  What is “Veguary”, you ask?  It’s a cry for vegetarianism awareness and a request for people to try it out for one month.  You can “pledge to be a veg” to help the environment, save animals, or for health reasons.  “But I don’t want to stop eating all meat,” you say.  You don’t have to!  You can pledge to be a Flexitarian, eating no red meat for the month.  Or a Pescatarian, eating only fish.  Or a Reductatarian, simply reducing your meat intake. Every bit counts.  Imagine the impact if every family ate just ONE less meat meal a week.
I invite you to visit www.veguary.org and read all about it.  And I ask you to make a pledge!
I look forward to sharing my reasons for vegetarianism, some causes I believe in, recipes, and stories from some interesting guest bloggers this month.  And I promise not to preach!  If you know me in real life, you know that I am NOT a preachy vegetarian!
Are you a pledged veg?  Let me know!  I’d love to hear your reasons.
Have any vegetarian recipes you’d like me to try out and perhaps share/feature?  Send them my way!
Run any related organization or blog and would like to contribute or be featured?  Send me an email.
Would you like to share your story (contrasting opinions always welcome too)… i’d love to give it a read.

Please leave comments below or contact me at: LilFamilyBlog at gmail dot com.

Stay tuned…


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