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Since we’re STILL in the process of moving, and my life is very chaotic, I am going to be hosting a series of guest bloggers over the next week. Some will be stories of motherhood, some womanhood, and maybe just a funny anecdote or two. But I hope you enjoy reading the words of my friends.

Today’s guest blogger is Jesalyn, a new mom, and a friend of a friend. I hope you enjoy her story:

When you get pregnant the first thing people do is congratulate you. They then share their stories about their own pregnancy, their wife’s pregnancy, their friends cousin’s husband’s sister’s pregnancy. Some people tell you to help and share advice. Some people tell you so they themselves can relive that happy moment once again. And then there are the people who want to shock and awe, and many times it seems scare the living daylights out of you.

As a new mom, I now understand the value of these stories. I must admit when I first found out I was expecting, tales of 10 pound babies, 32 hours in labor, and (yes, I’m going to say it) episiotomies were the bane of my existence! I grew so tired of hearing horror stories about births and procedures that I even stopped watching baby programs on television. But the one thing I never became tired of hearing was about the magic moment when a mother first holds her child. I was told once I held my precious bundle in my arms and looked into his eyes I would never be the same again. I wondered how someone I’d never even met could have that much of an impact in one shared glance. And then I met my son, and there are no words to describe the way he makes me feel.

I had a beautiful pregnancy, filled with the discomforts of blowing up like the Michelin blimp, but also with a joyful and ever growing anticipation of the life I was creating. I never experienced morning sickness, only gained 20 pounds, and had the most supportive family and friends possible. I worked until the day before I went into labor as a full time waitress at a sports bar. Even my labor was a fairytale experience in which I slept for almost the entire time, pushed twice, and Theoren Joseph was born. Trying to articulate my feelings of when I fist picked up Theoren’s tiny form would be not only be impossible, but unnecessary. Some events are just so powerful that comparing them to anything in this life is an injustice to them. Even now as I watch him sleep next to Daddy, I catch my breath thinking of how blessed I am to be privy to such a touching exchange.

I am not saying that becoming a new parent is easy. Parenthood is probably the most challenging thing I’ve ever experienced, and I am only 2 weeks in! The sleep deprivation, the feedings, and the hormones are just a few of the joys of bringing baby home. I can’t touch my boyfriend for another 4 weeks, I’m in what feels like adult diapers for another month, and I now have a very small helpless person attached to my hip. It is overwhelming knowing that another human being is now completely dependent upon me, and I’ve been brought to tears a few times. I am already tired of diapers and very much looking forward to a potty trained individual. Preferably one that will not urinate on me…or his own face.

Now that I have my own story, I understand why other women are so eager to share theirs. It’s not that they are being selfish and want to talk about themselves. It is simply that they are trying over and over again to put the way they feel about their children into words. Children are nothing short of miracles, and will not only change their parents lives but so many others. Every time I look at my son as an infant in my arms I think of the happiness he has brought with his arrival. I hope as the years go by I am able to make his life as inexplicably wonderful as he has made mine.

— Jesalyn K.P.


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  1. >I loved this Jesalyn!!!!!You are going to be an amazing mom and I'm proud to know you!xoxoMissy

  2. >Beautifully written, Jes. So proud of you!

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