>Gimme My Ball! Give me MY BALL!!!

We had a breakthrough in Lilian’s language skills last month. Before that, Lilian had a HUGE vocabulary… she knew words that shocked me even, she could name every animal, color, food, things in nature, actions, etc. But she had never put words together to form sentences or even phrases. She’d ask for “more”. And I’d say “more what?” And she’d say “juice”. So I’d say “can you say ‘more juice please?'” And she’d say “please”. So I’d say, “no, say ‘more juice.'” And she’d say “juice,” just repeating the last word that I said. But people told me that the phrasing would come, and when it did, it would come rushing out like a waterfall… and so it did.

Last week, while we were packing, we came across an orange Reese’s “kickball” that we got her at Hershey Park last year, but it was mostly deflated, so it was given to our dachshund, Elliot. Well, the next day, Lilian woke up and when she walked into the living room and saw Elliot chewing on her ball, she ran over to him with her arms extended and declared “Gimme my ball!” It was so hilarious, Missy and I tried to suppress our laughter, because it was also a milestone moment: her first sentence! She kept saying it over and over as she got angrier and angrier “give me MY ball!” “gimme my BALL!” (Elliot never did give it up to her).

Then later that night, when we went to the bathroom to wash up, instead of doing her usual pointing up at the sink and saying “brush”, she went to the bathroom and said “brush teeth.” And she handed me a book and said “read book.” She asked for a “monkey cupcake” (Missy had baked banana cupcakes in monkey paper wrappers). She asked to “feed Spock” (her fish, pictured below). And so on and so on.

She’s certainly not speaking in full sentences yet, but we’re one step closer. She has definitely figured out the merits of putting words together to express herself, and I guess we’re on our way!

Blog posts are always more fun with photos… so here are a few photos of Peanut from September. Her hair is a little wild now, we’re growing it out and it’s kind of in an in between stage right now, but it kind of suits her.

(While you’re here and reading, please click on one of the ads to the right or below… it helps me out, and it really adds up!)

(Sleeping with Philip)

(While you’re here and reading, please click on one of the ads to the right or below… it helps me out, and it really adds up!)


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