>Yo Gabba Gabba Live!

>Today was Yo Gabba Gabba Day!

We were given comp tickets to see Yo Gabba Gabba Live by the kind people at the Oakdale Theatre and the awesome Yo Gabba Gabba promotional staff (thank you, Michelle S!)… and we had an awesome time!

The show was in Wallingford, CT which was about 2.5 hour drive from us, but worth the drive, considering we mostly see shows in NYC, but the PARKING there is horrific, so it’s well worth the extra drive time to avoid the city altogether. The theatre was beautiful – spacious, clean, and wonderful.

This was Lilian’s first show since she was just a few months old (which I’m sure she doesn’t remember) and she was excited and it blew her mind that the characters were right there and LIVE!

They did an adorable balloon segment, where they give Brobee balloons to cheer him up, but then he flies away with all the balloons, and all the kids marveled that he could fly!!!

But then it got one step cooler as they released hundreds of balloons from the ceiling onto the audience! Lilian caught a green balloon, and she was so happy! She felt like she was part of the show.

Then they did a bubble segment… what kid doesn’t love bubbles? You can see them on the left in the photo below, I swear I had never in my life seen THAT many bubbles all at one time.

Then Biz Markie blew all our minds with Biz’s beat of the day! He was on the screen first, but then he said he wished he was there with us, the screen split, and the real Biz Markie came out! That got a lot of applause from the parents too.

Party in My Tummy was a big hit, Lilian loved the dancing carrot (below).

And then the grand finale. (with confetti pouring on us).

The show was interactive, colorful, fast paced, and just wonderful for the kids and the parents. DJ Lance is totally adorable and did a great job holding the children’s attention.

Lilian had such a good time, Thank you again to Yo Gabba Gabba Live for sharing this experience with her!


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