>We Got The House!

>We got the house!

I wrote about moving here… and then I mentioned looking at a house last week. Well, it’s official! We got the house, ad it just seemed like it was all MEANT to be.

The house on the right (the gray angular one) is our new house, we will get the keys sometime between Oct 1-6 or so, and I hope we can move in soon after! I’m anxious to start our new life in a new place. Though the house looks small from the front, it’s actually a good size! It goes back very far (it’s 2 rooms across, but 4 rooms deep, for a total of 7 rooms + 3 full bathrooms (one tub, two showers), and a full basement for storage and laundry. It has 4 bedrooms, a living/dining room, kitchen, and a sunken den. It’s on a wooded lot with no grass/yard, it’s left in its natural state. It has a circular driveway and it’s shady.

It’s very different than the house we’re moving from now. They are both ranch/cottage style, but the house we’re in now (the green one on the left), is in a suburban beach community, with lawns and landscaping. Our current house has only 2 bedrooms and one bath (a total of 6 rooms + 1 bathroom), lots of broken appliances and a leaky roof, and an unusable basement (because of mold).

I took a few photos of the interior of the house, but we were looking at it with the current tenants stuff in it, and they were home, so I felt a little awkward taking photos of their stuff, so I only snapped a few quickly, but you can kind of get the feel of the house. The living room has a HIGH ceiling with skylights (and one bathroom has a skylight too), and there are 3 sliding glass doors in the house to the yard. It’s a very open/spacious feeling home with a lot of natural light and a lot of windows looking out on the woods outside.

The photo below is the sunken den. The living room is “above” it, and the wall opposite the glass door is an exposed brick fireplace, very cozy!

Below is a photo of the living room, when you are standing in the kitchen. You can see the front door over on the right, and the sunken den is out of the frame on the left. There are three windows on the front of the house (besides the front door ones) and an air conditioner built into the wall.

This is the kitchen. It’s on the small side, it’s only an “L” shape but it has a decent amount of cabinets, and we do have a usable basement where we can set up a pantry for “bulk” non-perishables. I like how the kitchen is open, so if one person is cooking and people are in the den or living room, the kitchen is still “included”. Also, behind where I’m standing to take the photo there is a second sliding glass door (to the same patio that the den opens up to) which is a good place for the BBQ and convenient from the kitchen. And it makes the kitchen very bright!

Just past the kitchen is the door to the basement stairs on the left (which we actually didn’t see, but the landlord says is the size of the whole house) and on the right is the fourth bedroom. This fourth bedroom is big, with its own bathroom, and has the third sliding glass door to the outside. It’s very bright and airy and has two great windows with a view of nature outside. It’s also private, since it’s on the opposite side of the house from the other 3 bedrooms, and shares no walls with ANY other room.

Below is the view of the living room from the front door (the front door would be towards your right). The sunken den is is the rear of the photo, the fireplace on the right, ad the kitchen would be on the left out of view. If you were to make a left turn directly behind the wood dresser in the foreground, you’d walk down a hallway where there are 3 of the 4 bedrooms – and 2 of the 3 bathrooms. Down that hallway first is a bedroom on the left (good size), then the hall/guest bathroom on the left (the one with the tub and the skylight), then the master bedroom on the left – which also has a bathroom inside. On the right at the end of the hall is a third bedroom, the smallest of all four.

It has a little front porch and stairs… I always wanted a front porch! No joke! I can’t wait to put pumpkins on the stairs in October and planters with shady flowers (like impatiens) in the spring. Maybe even a little bench!

You can see the circular driveway here, and the house is set kind of far back from the street, with trees/forest in the inner “semi-circle” of the driveway, so there is a decent amount of privacy.

And lastly, this is a view from the side of the house, so you can see that it’s set in the natural landscape of the woods.

So… that’s the house. In case you can’t tell, I love it. And we’re so excited to decorate our new house and really make it feel like home. It’s 52 miles east (and a tiny bit north) of where we live now. It’s 126 miles from my parents’ houses, just over 1 mile from Missy’s mom’s house, 0.16 miles (about 4 houses away) from Missy’s aunt’s house, and about 11 miles from Missy’s best friend’s house.

Now… how we got it.

I wrote an email regarding the listing and I said we were a family of three with a two year old little girl, and chihuahuas. (Oh yeah, the owners are dog friendly, have their own, and love dogs!) She called me the next morning and I said I wanted to see it ASAP. So we asked Missy’s aunt if she knew who lived there since it’s her block/neighborhood, and she did! She said two women and two dogs lived there.

So we pulled up to the house and we saw that one car had a license plate that referenced the ERA and there were political bumper stickers on the front door (the landlords live next door, they ow two side by side houses). We were welcomed by two adorable and warm women (perhaps in their 60’s?) and their two fluffy dogs. I think they were surprised to see that our “family of three” was a two-mom family! We hit it off right away. Landlord S (not using real names to protect identities) was more shy and reserved, and Landlord M was gregarious, funny and warm. We talked about our dogs and Landlord S said “you HAVE to rent to them, they are dog people too!” Landlord M remembered when Missy’s aunt’s dog was killed in the neighborhood by an unleashed Rottweiler, and we told her that our dogs were the parents/siblings of that dog. Right away she told us she had other people coming to look at the house, but she liked us and she wanted to rent to us. We told her that our credit wasn’t great, but she was willing to work with us to make it happen. And she did. And within a few days, we had signed the lease and left a deposit and first month’s rent!

We later google searched the landlord’s name and found that one is a feminist activist, former president of NOW, and a overall accomplished, kick ass revolutionary. Her partner is a singer/songwriter of feminist folk music, author, and activist. I joked to Missy that we are moving in next to the Golden Indigo Girls! But in all seriousness, I just felt that our personalities all somehow meshed, and that we’d make great neighbors. And, when I went to sign the lease, she informed me that we completed the “line”… on the block there will now be FIVE gay couples/families in a ROW! How strange is that.

It all happened so fast. We were talking about moving for months, I had been sporatically calling about homes for a few months never getting calls back. And I found this listing, and I told Missy before we even SAW the house, that I had a feeling about it. I just knew it would be our home. And hopefully for a long time. It’s like all the pieces of the universe came together just as I needed them to. I can’t wait to expand our family in our new home (one step at a time, of course, I don’t mean soon).

I can’t wait to decorate, wake up in a new place, hang a birdfeeder out my window, host dinner parties and holidays, and make all new memories in this house.


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  1. >Dana, I seriously think this is #1 amazing, #2 fate and #3 amazing again. I love love love this house its soooooooooo beautiful and no more living in the house that falls apart. I wish I could meet your landlords they sound amazing.

  2. >Love this post! It has to be fate. I don't know you, but yet I'm so darn happy for you. We dog-lovers need to stick together ;-)Enjoy the new house and congratulations!Happy ICLW!I'm looking forward to reading more of your posts.

  3. >What a beautiful home. Are you putting your touch on anything?ICLW #79

  4. >Wow – what a great house! I'm so glad it moved quickly and hopefully you'll be in soon! Love the sunken living room!ICLW #115http://lovelyladybump.blogspot.com/

  5. >LOVE the house! LOVE the yard!!!iclw#41

  6. >Beautiful house!! Congratulations!ICLW

  7. >Congratulations on your beautiful new house! It's gorgeous, I'm soooo totally jealous right now! You guys have the most gorgeous houses in the States, our houses are shacks in NZ in comparison (mind you, most of the world thinks we live in grass huts anyway!) Hehehe. Enjoy making new and happy memories in your new home.ICLW#12

  8. >Wow! Amazing house! And what a wonderful pair of women to be able to rent from 🙂 Congratulations!!ICLW #90

  9. >Wow! That's awesome!!! Congrats!~ICLW

  10. >Love the house. Love the story. Things were meant to be! Congrats.ICLWPixie–Cheese Curds and Kimchi

  11. >Looks like a great house! Congrats!

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