>She Always Makes Me Laugh…

>Kids do the weirdest things… and Lilian is no exception. She constantly makes me laugh.

So… a few days ago I was folding laundry on the bed, and when I got to the bottom of the basket, Lilian climbed inside and was pretending it was a boat… the whole time while wearing a pair of my panties as a vest.
It made me think of that Rub-a-Dub-Dub nursery rhyme even though she’s in a laundry basket and not a tub, and she’s one girl and not three men…
Still she made me laugh.

Then today, her new diapers came in the mail. (I was so thrilled with our Mother-Ease set that I ordered 2 more covers and 3 more diapers. Well, as soon as I opened the box, she was so excited and was naming the animals on the covers (one is the Ocean print and the other is the Savanna jungle print) and naming the colors as she put them on… and when I say put them on, I mean she put all 5 on! Four limbs + one head… is room enough to wear 5 diapers at once, I guess six if you count the diaper she was already wearing on her butt when the box came!

So here is her new collection of diapers from Mother-Ease. On the left is two one-size diapers in white and green (the white one was the free one we reviewed), in the middle are pink and blue Sandy’s (we haven’t tried this style yet), and her three covers pink and Ocean Air Flows (the pink was the free one we reviewed), and the Savanna jungle Rikki wrap (a velcro version). And we have 6 liners four cotton, one organic cotton, and one bamboo to see which we like the best! The new ones are in the laundry now, and I can’t wait to try out the Sandy’s and Rikki wrap styles!


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  2. >I hope you see the resemblance between mother and daughter in picture no. 1. That is so YOUR FACE!

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