>The Things They Say…

Sometimes kids say weird things. Babble, or things that don’t really make sense. But sometimes they say things, and just because YOU don’t know what they’re talking about, doesn’t mean they’re wrong!

So, at Lilian’s birthday party before anyone was leaving, I found her standing on the corner of the deck saying “bye bye, bye bye” over and over again. I thought she was nuts! I told her no one was leaving! But yet she kept waving and saying bye bye, so I looked where she was looking, and sure enough, a balloon was floating away and we watched it and waved until we couldn’t see it anymore.

Then today, she was sitting on the bed, looking rather distressed ad saying “uh oh, uh oh” over and over. I didn’t see anything wrong though, so I tried to talk about something else with her. But she looked guilty, and she just couldn’t let it go, but I only took my eyes off her for a second (we were coloring in a coloring book in bed), and I couldn’t imagine what would cause her to be saying “uh oh.” Then I noticed it. I had a big container of diet Lemonade on my nightstand, and the corner was kind of dark (it looks brighter with flash in the photo on the left), so I didn’t see it right away. But sure enough, there was a (green glitter) crayon floating in my drink. Thanks, kid! For what it’s worth, at least she felt guilty about it and knew she did something wrong. And did I still drink it, you ask? Yep! I fished the crayon out, and I’m still drinking it now, as a matter of fact.

It’s all part of being a mom…


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  1. >I love this post and A++ for drinking the crayon-aid. xoxo

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