>Rocky Mountain Diapers – REVIEW AND GIVEAWAY

>In our cloth diapering a toddler journey, I am trying out another style, thanks to Rocky Mountain Diapers. We ordered two diapers, one for Lilian to try and one to give away. We were sent the grapefruit/lime and mango/lime combos – (meaning pink and orange, both lined with green.) We tried the pink one on Lilian, since I am crazy about the color pink, and so we could give away the more gender neutral color.

(Below, Lilian models the Rocky Mountain grapefruit/lime diaper. If you have a toddler, you know it’s sometimes impossible to get their attention, and often difficult to get them to what you want them to, when you want them to, so please excuse the fact that she wouldn’t look at the camera, at least we can see the diaper well!)

The website for Rocky Mountain Diapers has an awesome history of the adjustable elastic diaper where they give credit where credit is due, in inventing the adjustable diapers. But, something I like about this diaper vs. some other one-size brands, is that the adjustment system is inside, which you can see in the 2 diagrams in the center of this page, as opposed to an external fold & snap system like some others, which is both cumbersome and unattractive. The exterior is made of PUL, a waterproof fabric to prevent leaking (so no cover is needed) and the interior is a (colored) soft suedecloth, which helps keep the skin dry. And since they are a pocket diaper, they require a microfiber liner… which comes included with the diaper (another benefit, no hidden costs!) They come in 6 colors, but with a different color inside and out, so I assume there are 30 total color combinations. The colors are cutely coded with fruit names: grapefruit = pink, mango = orange, lemon = yellow, lime = green, berries = blue, and chocolate (OK, not a fruit, but still delicious) = brown. And because these are one size adjustable diapers, you should be able to buy your stash for your newborn, and use them until potty training!

A few more shots of Lilian modeling her Rocky Mountain Diaper.

So how did it work for us?
Since Lilian is nearly 2 at the time of these photos, and 22 pounds, we didn’t need to tighten any of the elastics, but it had a nearly perfect fit (on the tighest snap setting on the waist). The inside mircrosuede fabric is incredibly soft, and different than a fleece, is unlikely to pill. The pocket has a top flap, so the insert doesn’t peek out, so the diaper has a very streamlined, neat look to it. Lilian wore the diaper for a 4 hour stretch at her grandma’s house, and we had no leaks! It washed beautifully, it still looks like it’s brand new, no fading or pilling. The colors are adorable. And, I like that it’s adjustable, so if she is lucky enough to get a baby brother or sister, we can use it right from the start! I prefer snaps over velcro, because although it may take an extra 30 seconds to fasten on the child, they don’t get caught on things in the laundry, and they told collect lint and ickiness like velcro can. To me, snaps last longer and look better for longer, and the lifespan of the diaper is important to me when making choices. And my last favorite part about the diaper, may seem silly to others, but is important to me: color and cuteness factor. It is important to me that everything I purchase and use is cute and attractive. Function is just as important as appearance. And these are totally cute, but my favorite part, is the colored interior. White never seems to keep its crisp appearance after the first few washes and starts to look old, discolored, stained, and just ick. But the fact that you can choose the interior color of these diapers, and the insides are pink, green, blue, etc. for me makes all the difference. Stains or discoloration may not harm the functionality of the diaper, but for me it ruins the experience. And the colored interiors I think will look nicer for longer, increasing the lifespan of the diaper.


I have the orange Rocky Mountain diaper pictured to give away to one reader!

Mandatory Entry:
You must be a public follower of my blog either via Google reader/friend connect or Networked blogs. Just leave a comment and tell me about the diapers you currently use and what works for you.

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This contest will end on September 3, 2010 at 11:59PM EST, no more entries will be accepted after that time. The winner will be chosen at random and announced within a day or two on the blog. The prize will be shipped directly from me to the winner within a reasonable amount of time, but has been provided by Rocky Mountain Diapers, and I cannot be responsible for any defects or issues with the product. Please see my disclosure link on the top of the page for fine print.

Good luck to everyone entering, and please visit the GIVEAWAYS tab at the top of the page for other cool giveaways, and product reviews to read!

*Disclaimer* – I purchased this product from the wholesale/blogger portion of their website and will be refunded the full value of the item upon review. I was not paid in any other form for our review. All photos, words, and opinions are my own except those quoted. Photos may not be used anywhere else on the web without my permission.


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  1. >I am building my stash for my unborn baby, we have mother-ease with cover, blueberry minky, swaddlebees, rump-a-rooz, bumgenius, flip, eco nappi, and grobaby, I decided to do a couple of each and see what was best for us. As you know I follow you šŸ™‚

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  19. >I use pampers BUT I would love to try a CD to see how they work and possibly switch. bukaeyes@aol.com

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