>Whamies Wet Bag – *Product Review*

>I recently got a Wahmies wet bag to try out. What is a wet bag, you ask? For those not familiar with cloth diapering, a wet bag is a water proof, reusable bag, that you can keep your soiled diapers in before washing. You can use them in the home, or keep one in your diaper bag to put wet diapers in on the go. Wahmies says of them: “The Wahmies Fun Prints wet bag will hold your dampest diapers without wicking! Cute outer print with inner layer of PUL waterproof fabric. Bag closes with a zipper to keep smells where they belong.”

They come in 3 sizes, small, regular, and all day. Mine is the regular size, which seems like it would hold about 6 diapers, which should be plenty for a outing, I’d think, but the bag is small enough that it’ll fit in any diaper bag.

They come in lots of fun fabrics and prints, I was sent a cute purple, blue, and silver pattern.

The inside is lined with a white waterproof PUL fabric and it zips from end to end.

Not only for diapers: we also used the bag for wet swimsuits after a day at the pool! This way I could just throw the suits in the bag, and this bag in my beach bag and not worry about wetting the outer bag, the other things in my beach bag, or the chlorine water leaching through onto the inside of my trunk, etc.

So how did it work?
Well, not only is the bag cute, but we had no leaks and no odors. What more could I ask for? It’s a good size, a good quality, and equally as important to me, attractive. In all seriousness, things need to be pretty or cute for me to purchase them and for me to enjoy using them, and this fits the bill.

You can purchase this at any of these retailers. They also produce diaper pail liners, cloth wipes, diapers and liners. We also got a Wahmies one size hook diaper to try and review, so please check back for the review on that product!

Thank you to the people at Wahmies for making an awesome product and for letting us sample it!

*Disclaimer* – I purchased this product from the wholesale/blogger portion of their website and will be refunded the full value of the item upon review. I was not paid in any other form for our review. All photos, words, and opinions are my own except those quoted. Photos may not be used anywhere else on the web without my permission.


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