>Drawing the Kiss My Face winner


Forgive the camera phone quality, but we're at my Mother-in-Law's house
in East Hampton today, and I didn't want to wait any longer to draw the
winner. So after a trip to Dylan's Candy Bar to buy some M&Ms (and a
new tin M&M tote for Lilian), we're ready to pick a winner!

This time there were a lot more entries…. and we used EVERY single
color M&M produces! This may be our last M&M drawing, because if I run
out of colors, I'll need a new system, and we're getting more readers
and entries!

So, Lilian is munching away on her M&Ms and by the end of the evening,
we'll have a winner (and some cute photos from my real camera once we're

Good luck to all 20 colors!


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  1. >It will make it so much easier if you number your comments. There are good tutorials online. Just Google it:-)

  2. >I keep checking in…I can't wait to hear which color was left!

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