>Unplanned Road Trip…

>Well for those of you wondering what happened to us this weekend…

My friend Lizzie got a new job this week… and today was one of her
BFF's baby shower. She told her that she couldn't attend (since it was
in VA and we're in NY) because she couldn't ask for time off at a brand
new job. Then, as life would have it, the new job didn't work out, so
she was free for the weekend, but had no way to get to Virginia and had
missed the last Chinatown bus (the cheap kind), and so she was sad. So
I told Lizzie at 6PM (shower was 12:30PM today) last night "I'll drive
you to Virginia if you pay for gas & tolls!" I had actually napped a
lot yesterday, so I was pretty OK to do an overnight drive (and I drove
the 11.5 hours by myself), and so she talked it over with her boyfriend,
and around 8PM we decided it was "a go", and so we left our house at
10PM… picked her up around 11:15, and got to Virginia Beach at 9:30am,
with 4 potty breaks (literally just running in to pee & buy more
caffeinated diet soda for me)! I took a nap for 3ish hours (or "slept"
for that matter) and we went to the baby shower!

So, it was a spontaneous adventure for me and my family, which we
haven't done in a while. And Lizzie said it was the sweetest thing a
friend has ever done for her… which makes me feel good. There are
things I can't do for my friends… I can't buy extravagant gifts (or
really any gifts for that matter), I can't afford fun vacations or
"girls' nights out", I can't lift heavy things and help you move, I suck
at cleaning, etc. But when it's something as simple as pulling an all
nighter and driving, I love to help when I can. (I also love to drive,
it relaxes me).

So… that's why I'm in Virginia. As a favor to a friend. We're
heading back north tomorrow. And… major shout out and thank you to
AJW who is staying at our house to dog-sit, which is just as important
to making this possible for Lizzie.

And for those blog readers who are anxiously awaiting the winner of the
Kiss My Face giveaway (and didn't even know I was away)… I didn't
forget! Lilian and I will pick the winner as soon as we get home. I'm
sure you understand, sometimes life just takes you funny places. I try
to give whenever/whatever I can… and I hope there are some people out
there who would do the same for me!

(Updating from my mobile phone, please forgive me if the font or
formatting is wonky!)


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  1. >well thats cool! im glad yall had fun and that u updated! i was starting to think something happened to yall or that baby!!

  2. >I'm still not over how awesome it was that you just picked up and left for VA Beach like that. xoxo

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