>Mood is Up, Weight is Down… It’s a Start!

Well, I had a productive day! I made major strides in planning Lilian’s birthday festivities (I’m still in denial that August is here already and she’s going to be TWO!)

Also, I went to weigh in for my first week AGAIN back on Weight Watchers. I haven’t mentioned to anyone my “return” because I’ve tried to go back so many times, and I can’t even seem to stick to one week! I thought I’d fail once more. Well, this time I got a friend to go with me and the extra motivation helps. Plus, I’m trying to lose 10 pounds (as a start) with Lilian’s birthday celebration in mind, so I’ve got some immediate motivation. So, it’s been one week, and i haven’t been “tracking” points like WW tells you to do, but I’ve been making wise choices, avoiding certain foods, and kinda/sorta counting points in my head… and in one week I lost THREE pounds. Three pounds isn’t a lot, especially when you consider what I want to lose, but also considering I haven’t been able to STICK with it for an entire week in over a year, it’s a pretty good start. Hopefully I’m back on track to another big weight loss like the 22 pounds I lost last year in just over 2 months. I know once I see the numbers coming down on the scale, it makes it easier and easier to stick with it, it’s just getting started that is hard! So, thank you to my super awesome friend who is going with me (i’ll keep your name out of this unless you say you don’t care) and thank you to ME for sticking with it for a week, because hopefully one week will turn into 2, will turn into a month, and in a year I’ll be where I want to be!

Related to this is 2 other personal issues…

When my bio-family found me last year, came, for the first time, a family medical history. There seems to be no family history of cancer which is awesome, but two things have come up that have me a bit worried (one more than the other.) One is that there seems to be two conditions that affect the reproductive system that run in the family, and those have me terrified! I’m really scared to lose my fertility before I’m done having kids and I feel like my family is complete. But today this post isn’t about that, it’s about the OTHER family disorder, which is hypothryroidism. When I heard that, it was no surprise to me. I’ve never had one of those “good” metabolisms where I could eat whatever I want. Even as a kid I always had a little pudge. But in my late 20’s, and especially during and after pregnancy, I began to exhibit nearly all/most of the typical hypothyroid symptoms such as: depression, fatigue, weight gain and/or difficulty losing weight, muscle cramps and aches, irritability, decreased libido, dry pale skin, hair loss, etc. Nice, right? So when I was pregnant, my midwife tested my thyroid levels and one of them was a little “off”, but since I was pregnant, she said I should wait it out and see if it leveled out after I delivered. I don’t remember if I had it tested shortly after Lilian was born, but a month or so ago at the doctor I requested that they be tested again, and as I suspected, the level was still slightly off. It’s nothing major, but my doctor gave me a teeny tiny dose of synthetic hormones (Synthroid) and we’re hoping it’ll boost my metabolism and relieve me of several of these symptoms. There’s a possibility it’ll get worse as I get older, but I’m glad that I’m on the medicine and we can monitor from here on out. I also got a sonogram of my thyroid which I’m sure will be normal, but I’m glad to be “on top of it.” He also rechecked me for anemia, and although I haven’t gotten my results yet, he told me to take my iron pills with Vitamin C to help it absorb.

Secondly, I posted a few months ago about my mood disorder drugs and finding the right combo again. Well, my last doctor visit, my normal doctor Dr C was on vacation, so I saw his partner Dr A. When I told him that Dr C put me on Drug S with my issues, he thought it was totally inappropriate (so did i) and when I told him that I used to take Drug P and Drug W combined, he gave me the full dose of Drug W that I used to take (in 2 increments to work up to the full dose) as well as refills on my Drug P, so now I’m on the two I was on before I was pregnant… and I’ve been on them for about 2+ weeks, and I think I found the winning combination!

I don’t know if it is the new (old) anti-depressants or the new thyroid drug, but in the past week, I have felt a lot lighter. My fatigue has decreased and my motivation has increased (a little). My crippling nighttime anxiety has nearly disappeared and my social anxiety (of leaving the house and participating in social activities) has gotten a lot better. I’m sleeping better and waking up more easily with more energy. My food cravings are really curbed and manageable. Today I even had the weird circumstance of sitting down for lunch, eating half and feeling satisfied and leaving the rest for later (I usually clean my plate, even if I’m starting to get full). I’ve been not snacking and not needing to and only gave into ONE craving with a handful of M&Ms. And I have three pounds to show for it this week! So I’m taking a total of 6 pills a day, but I am feeling worlds better than I was just 2 or 3 weeks ago. And hopefully if I can keep up the weight loss, I’ll feel even better about myself.

Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t solved all of my problems…. but this is a good start! My health seems to be getting better every day. And I’m 3 pounds closer to where I want to be.


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  1. >I'm SO PROUD of you! Keep it up, Babygirl! xoxo

  2. >yah for three pounds – a great start!and it's awesome that you're going to WW with a friend. i think that will really help you stick to it. when i lost 45 pounds back in the day, adam and i dieted together, and i think that really helped.mary

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