>Splashing at The Plaza

Yesterday I spent the day in New York City with my Lil’ Family. We went because it was Lilian’s cousin Violet’s first birthday, but while we were there we decided to spend the day and see everyone we could!

After the birthday celebration, we spent an hour or so walking around Central Park. Missy bought Lilian a balloon “animal” (I don’t think the guy was very qualified, he was mostly making balloon twists, but oh well!) And we tried to take her on the carousel, but it’s been closed for months!
Lilian loves animals and Central Park is full of horse-drawn carriages, and every time one passed, she’d get so excited and shout “whore!” I’m 90% sure she was attempting to say “horse”, but in Central Park, you just never know…

Then we met up with some people to take her on her first trip to FAO Schwartz. While we waited for them, Lilian splashed around at The Plaza. I always wanted to be the kind of mom that lets her kid jump in the fountain at a 5 star hotel, so I’m glad not much has changed!


Next we met up with some friends: Lilian’s godfather R and his girlfriend L, and Lilian’s dad (donor) BS and his girlfriend V. And my mom and her dog, Travis, popped in and said hi too, since her apartment is nearby!
We walked around the stuffed animal section of FAO Schwartz and Lilian pointed and named all of the animals! We then checked out the Design your Own Muppet station, which was super cool! And in the Lego department, and since 2/3 of Lilian’s parents are major Star Wars fans, those two posed with the lifesize Lego Chewbacca and Lilian! I was terrified that Lilian was going to pull out one block and the whole thing would come down Jenga-style.

Then we walked around the store and Lilian enjoyed a pink dinosaur lollipop given to her by her Auntie L! Yum.

Is this not the happiest and luckiest kid right here?

Then we went for some dinner at Blockheads, a yummy Mexican restaurant where I had a sauteed spinach burrito (I’m vegetarian) with guacamole that was SO delicious! Everyone else had a few margaritas, (which I sipped and were delicious), but not only was I driving, but I am also on a diet, so I stuck to diet Pepsi. Oh well.

Lilian slept through the entire meal… in my arm/on my shoulder. Eating a burrito one handed is a very challenging experience, but I did it! My love of burritos made me push through it and succeed!

Lilian’s dad, BS, and his girlfriend V posed for a photo! (above)

Here’s me holding Lilian with a really fake “photo” smile on.

While we were waiting outside for a few stragglers to use the bathroom and while we decided where to go, Lilian was a little hyper outside, and her godfather R put her in the delivery man’s bicycle basket which was amusing to her for about 60 seconds before she wanted to get out and run around again.

We then went back to R & L’s apartment in Brooklyn where Missy and L baked a triple berry pie (which didn’t come out so great and watched a movie.

The adorable Miss L above posing with her pie ala mode, and Lilian below with her messy ice cream eating face!

We plan on going back into the city soon for Lilian to try out the new Imagination Playground that opened up at the South Street Seaport, and we didn’t get time to visit my grandma on this last visit, so another visit is due soon!


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  1. >Love Lilian's Seven Year Itch shot!Also, send me some measurements. If I can wrangle some free fabric from work, maybe we can make her a little lace underskirt to make her skirts and dresses a little longer.

  2. >Thanks, V! I'll send you her measurements tomorrow! ❤

  3. >I love the picture of her in the basket outside of Blockheads. I'm so glad you started this blog. xo

  4. >such a fun day! i think that they glue those lego statues together, so no worries. although, lilian is pretty strong…mary

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