>Mother-Ease Cloth Diaper *Review and Giveaway*

>Lil Family Blog had the pleasure of trying a cloth diaper from Mother-Ease Cloth Diapers.

Before Lilian was even born, I wanted to cloth diaper. I liked the environmental aspect to it, I liked the financial aspect of all the money we could save, I liked that if/when we have another child, we’d already have all our diapers, and I thought they were just plain cute. I acquired a bunch of diapers in small sizes for Lilian and we made good use of them when she was teeny tiny. We never were able to size up though to medium or large, because although you save money with cloth, the initial investment can be quite hefty. But now with the end in sight (potty training), I feel like a few one size diapers will serve us better than buying disposables, plus we can then use them later on down the line (or gift them to someone else)! So I decided to investigate again. A newborn baby that mostly lays/sits is different than a nearly-2-year-old toddler that runs and climbs and jumps! So, thankfully the people at Mother-Ease Cloth Diapers were kind enough to let me try & review one of their diapers.

They sent me a One Size Cloth Diaper in white cotton, with a white cotton snap-in insert (soaker), and a pink Air Flow Cover. (See my photo above)

Here is a photo of Lilian modeling the diaper/soaker/cover combo. Because ALL the pieces are adjustable (the one size diaper has several different settings, AND the cover has several different snap positions) you can assure a good, secure fit – and have room for the child to grow!

The below photo shows Lilian wearing just the One Size Cloth Diaper so you can see how it fastens, but these diapers DO have to be worn with a cover. But, an advantage to pocket/one size diapers is that you only need a few covers with all your diapers, not one per diaper, because the cover can be used a few times before washing. The One Size diaper has sides that snap in the front similar to how a disposable diaper fastens. But for a more streamlined diaper Sandy’s Diapers snaps on the side (similar to the cover) and comes in different sizes. I definitely want to try one of these next!

If you have a toddler, you know it’s nearly impossible to get them to sit still for a photo… so the above and below photos are just extraneous photos of her dancing and prancing around in her new diaper, just because they’re too cute not to share!

Above is the One Size Cloth Diaper from Mother-Ease Cloth Diapers and below is the pink Air Flow cover from Mother-Ease Cloth Diapers. Both of these two photos are from their website so you can better see the detail!

So how did it work???
I first tried it at home, and there were no leaks. So I got braver, and Lilian wore the diaper for a 4 or 5 hour stretch at a friend’s house, then out to dinner, then back home with no leaks. And so last night I put it to the ultimate test: Overnight. And, no leaks! Overnight is where I’ve been having the most problems. The disposables she’s been wearing are gapping at the legs and waist when they get heavy, and causing leaks. I was waking up to leaks about 75% of days (and we co-sleep, so the leaks are in MY bed and often partially ON me, and that’s NO good.) But this diaper passed the “out in public” test AND the overnight test in my book. Although the inner diaper and soaker were wet all the way through this morning, the Air Flow cover kept it inside and we had no leakage. And because they snap on the side, there is a space between the snaps on both sides that allows air to pass through so babies don’t get all “pruney” in there. Another thing I liked about it is that the position of the snaps on the cover allow for the waist to be adjustable as well as the leg holes, not all diapers have adjustable leg holes. (Oh for those curious, Lilian is in the Medium-Large diaper cover, which is only the 4th in a total of 6 sizes, so if she grows before she’s potty trained, we can use the same One Size diapers, and just size up the cover.) And, fun colors totally matter to me! And the diaper comes in several bright & cute colors, and the cover comes in 5 prints and 4 solid colors. You can make adorable combos.

For those not familiar with Mother-Ease Cloth Diapers, the website has tons of information about their company and about cloth diapers. They are a Canadian based company, all their diapers are manufactured in Canada in a 100% green powered factory. They’ve been making and improving cloth diapers since 1991.

So, in case I didn’t say it enough, I loved the diaper and wish I had 4 more! (And can’t wait to try the Sandy’s).

Mother-ease Cloth Diapers
Cloth Diapers


One lucky winner will win a Sandy’s diaper/Air Flow cover Introductory package. You can choose small or large Sandy’s with a S, M, M-L, or L cover. The Sandy’s diaper must be white cotton, but you can choose any color/print cover as long as it’s in stock.

Mandatory Entry: You must be a follower of Lil Family Blog via Google reader or Networked blogs (you do not have to be a blogger to get a Google reader account, anyone can). Then go to the Mother-Ease Cloth Diapers website by clicking on the logo button above and tell me which print or color Air Flow cover is your favorite!

Additional Entries (Make a separate comment for each):
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* Share this post on your Facebook page (you can do this easily with the “F” logo on the bottom of the page next to where it says comments.)
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So including the mandatory entry, you can get 7 entries on your own, plus additional entries for the friends/family you refer to my blog. Remember, all separate entries!

This contest will end on August 15th at 11:59PM EST, no more entries will be accepted after that time. The winner will be chosen at random and announced within a day or two on the blog. The prize will be shipped directly from Mother-Ease Cloth Diapers to the winner within a reasonable amount of time. Please see my disclosure link on the top of the page for fine print.

Mother-Ease Cloth Diapers sent Lilian this diaper set for free for us to try and review. The photos (except the two on the white backgrounds credited above), words, and opinions are all mine. No photos may be used elsewhere without my permission.

And while you’re here, PLEASE click on an ad or two! My advertisers like it and so do I… and it really does help! Thanks!


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  21. >I just ordered some of these kind of cloth diapers for the baby- your review sounded good and so we figured we would try a few different kinds before deciding.. not to mention I looked on ebay and can't believe how much used ones go for! at least I know if we have no one to pass the crazy diaper stash on to we can sell them!

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