>Lily in amber


Stephanie, the winner of our first giveaway for an amber teething necklace from Inspired by Finn was kind enough to send me a photograph of her daughter, Lily, loving her necklace. Man, look at the smile on that kid, you can’t help but just smile back.

I’m glad Lily is enjoying her prize and thanks for sending us the photo. It’s adorable!

To get your own necklace, visit www.InspiredByFinn.com. (Tell them I sent you!) Thank you again to them for their awesome giveaway!

Photo was taken by Stephanie, the photo and names were used here with permission from her.


Posted on July 26, 2010, in jewelry, photos, winners. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. >Love… LOVE… Love her smile. So cute.An ICLW Visit from #107 (mfi, speedskating, strength)liddy @ the unfair struggle

  2. >Amber is amazing in its healing powers and not just for children. For centuries people have used amber for arthritis, respiratory infections including chronic asthma, as a stress reliever that interacts with the body's nervous system and much much more. Explore more research from the medical community and you will see some amazing results for natural Baltic amber. http://www.amberartisans.com/

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