>Only Me…

13 months ago I found myself standing in a CVS pharmacy in Philadelphia looking at Father’s Day cards, lamenting that there were no “sperm-donor-dads that I don’t live with but love anyway” cards. (A lot of the cards talked about “watching me” or “tucking me in” or “discipline”, etc, the day to day stuff that Lilian’s dad doesn’t do, it was hard to find a broader, more appropriate card).

And today I found myself in a CVS thinking why are there no birthday cards for “my long lost sister that I’ve never met and don’t know all that much about”. And I thought it was so weird I was in a situation twice where every card I picked up seemed inappropriate for one reason or another.

I guess Hallmark isn’t as “progressive” as my family is.

(And yes, it has occurred to me that maybe i should design/make cards for unusual family situation! Because although it feels like only me, i know it can’t be)


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  1. >Well D, I LOVED the card that you sent me and its so awesome to know that you would not have picked it if it wasn't truly appropriate. I melted into the couch when I read it, I love you. 1 out of 3 at the card store ain't bad? Maybe its time that RFD starts making those beautiful custom cards again?xoxoLoo

  2. >I usually go for the blank cards and write what I want. Most are too sappy…hahaYou should make cards especially with your graphic skills!

  3. >It's not just you. I've got an interesting family (not kids, but parent/sibling/extended family), and have also considered using a known sperm donor to conceive, and so I know that Hallmark just doesn't seem to have the right words most of the time. Custom cards sound like a great idea! If there are children's books for progressive (I like that word) families, why not cards? Happy ICLW!

  4. >yes, you should totally start designing cards! you could sell them on etsy!mary

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