>It’s M&M Time Again…


It’s M&M time again! Time to draw our winner for the Kushies swim diaper giveaway.
The M&Ms are in the bowl… and let the eating begin!

Uh oh, blue! She’s got one in her hand!

Teal, you’re delicious too!

Mmmm… I think I’ll have a few more!

Last M&M surviving determines the winner, same rules as last time.
The winner will be announced and contacted tomorrow.

In the mean time, go here, and enter to win a Kiss My Face soap set. And coming soon… cloth diaper set from Mother Ease, custom canvas artwork, organic/vegan product from Earth Mama * Angel Baby, and jewelry! Keep checking back!

And as always, while you’re here… please click on an ad or two to help me out, the sponsers like it too! And… look right – click on the picket fence to vote for my blog!


Posted on July 21, 2010, in giveaway, lilian, mms, photos, winners. Bookmark the permalink. 5 Comments.

  1. >Come on Teal! Mama needs a new swim diaper for her girl! WOO!

  2. >This never gets old, it'll always be cute! xoxo

  3. >so cute I love the polka dot dress to go with the M n M'ssave those White ones 🙂

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