>Drawing our First Winner…

We are in the process of drawing the winner for the Inspired by Finn giveaway right now!

I wanted Lilian to have a role in the drawing, and since M&M’s are one of her favorite candies (and they come in a billion colors) we decided to assign everyone a color M&M and let Lilian choose! Since a regular bag only has 6 colors and I needed 11 I had to find a specialty store that sold them (without driving to the end of the earth, but that is an entirely different story)… and I did, and so here’s the plan!

Everyone was assigned a color (at random) and people that were entitled to more than one entry received that many M&Ms in the bowl. I think there was a total of 35 or so M&Ms when I counted them all out.

And for dessert, I let Lilian have the bowl and watch the Care Bears movie! So here she is, hanging out with her bowl of M&Ms eating them!

(By the way, although Oliver and Porkchop are being nosy in these photos, dogs aren’t allowed chocolate and they did not eat any!)

My rule says that if Lilian tries to feed us the M&M we will take it and eat it from her (she likes to share her snacks), but I won’t reach into the bowl!

And the last remaining M&M in the bowl is the winner! Good luck to all the participants! Lilian is snacking as I write this there are only 6 M&Ms left! The suspense is killing me! How about you?!?!
(Results will be posted later or tomorrow.)

(P.S. – While you’re here, please do me a favor and click on an ad or two, my advertisers like it and so do i!)

Also, visit my blog for the current Kushies swim diaper giveaway and the upcoming Kiss my Face vegan soaps and Mother Ease cloth diaper entries, and send your friends!


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  1. >I have to admit, that is the cleverest method of choosing a winner I have ever read. And by far the CUTEST! How cute is that kid, it must be the name. ;0)

  2. >Awww… thanks, Jen! I am pretty impressed with myself for thinking of it too!

  3. >This is TOO CUTE! TOO CUTE! I love you guys! xoxo

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