>And The Winner is…


Last night, Lilian ate a bowl of M&Ms to determine the winner of our first giveaway, Inspired by Finn! As she ate the bowl, we kept peeking to see if she had eliminated anyone. At first, she ate about half, but no one was eliminated yet! Last I posted last night, there were 6 M&Ms left.

The final 11:

She kept eating (and fed a few to us) until just two M&Ms remained, teal and white.

She picked up both the teal and white from the bowl, which would she eat first?!?! The suspense was killing us! Well, she fed the white one to me first (she is really good at sharing)….

And so the last remaining M&M was teal! Here is a photo of Lilian eating the WINNING candy!

So congratulations to our teal player!

Stephanie is the first Lil Family Blog giveaway winner!

We will put Stephanie in touch with the awesome people from Inspired by Finn to choose and receive her prize.

I hope that everyone else decides to purchase an amber necklace/bracelet, and you can use one of these discount codes provided by Inspired by Finn:
“TO SAVE 20% on an order with us, join us by clicking the “Like” button toward the top of our “Wall” tab. TO SAVE 25%, join us by clicking the “Like” button + use the “Suggest to Friends” link near the top left of this “Wall” tab to suggest this page to your Facebook friends. The discount code is entered/applied during checkout, and the discount is given off of prices on our website – www.InspiredByFinn.com The codes to use once you have completed the criteria above – To save 20%: FB20, To save 25%: FB25.”

Thank you to everyone for entering! I love you all and I wish everyone could have won! Please take a minute to go enter to win a Kushies swim diaper… and come back later this week, I will be featuring giveaways for Kiss My Face soaps and the Mother Ease cloth diapering system!


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  1. >Congrats, Teal! I was voting for you, you're my favorite color 🙂 xoxo

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