>Our First Strawberry Picking Adventure

>In mid-June we took Lilian strawberry picking in the Hamptons. It was a cloudy, but warm day, and it was perhaps one of the most fun days I’ve ever had with her. She loves the outdoors and anything we do outdoors, and she loves fruit, so when you combine the two, she was overjoyed!

We walked her out to the strawberry patch, and showed her the strawberry on the vine and how to pick it and put it in the basket. She caught on very quickly and filled two baskets with not much help. A few of the ones she picked had rotten spots and we threw them back when she wasn’t looking, but overall she was a master strawberry picker! Not only was it her first time strawberry picking, but mine too! I’ve only picked apples and pumpkins before.

The funny part is, she didn’t eat any (at first), she just filled the basket. Then I sat down and ate one, and gave her one to eat, and then all bets were off! She was picking them right off the bushes and eating them! She must have eaten about a dozen (which is a lot for a toddler), and her entire face was stained red. It was adorable. She was just so amazed that there seemed to be an endless supply of delicious strawberries outside for the picking! We went apple picking in September, when she was new to walking, but she didn’t quite “get” it then. (Though she is obsessed with apples, so this autumn, I think it may be her favorite activity ever.)

I know it’s kind of corny that I dressed her in a strawberry dress, but I had it already, and it was just too cute not to! So… here are some of my favorite shots of Lilian’s first time strawberry picking!

Showing her how to pick them.

Putting them in the basket!

Walking down the strawberry aisles.

Her FIRST taste!

See tiny Lily sitting on the truck eating her berries?!?!

This was SUCH a great time, I wish we had gone a second time, but the strawberry season is so short here! I can’t wait until next year… or until the next local fruit is ripe! I love supporting the local farms, and I love taking Lilian to do outdoor activities, we both LOVE the outdoors!

All photos belong to me and may not be reproduced anywhere in print or on the web without my permission.

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  1. >Cuteness overload! Seriously! I love this child so much.

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