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It’s been an exhausting month… Lilian is cutting some of her most difficult & slow-growing teeth yet. Her bottom two canines are just barely cutting through (and I remember how long the top canines took to poke through a few months ago) and her two year molars haven’t shown any signs yet, but are making her gums swollen.

We give her ibuprofen when she’s inconsolable, but I’m not really happy about giving her medicine in excess, so I’m all for natural remedies when I can find them! Our two secret recipes are Apples (I guess gnawing on a cold apple from the fridge soothes her) and more recently, chewing on ice chips. But there’s only so many apples she can eat and ice chips aren’t always practical, so I was looking for other alternatives. I have heard that other moms have tried amber teething necklaces, so I decided to try one out for her, and luckily, the nice people over at Inspired by Finn agreed to sponser a giveaway for my blog! The necklace came in recycled packaging and with two full pages of information and instructions!

I chose the round bead style (which isn’t round like marbles, they are slightly irregular and natural looking, but “mostly” round) and the four different color style, it has dark cherry, honey, butter, and yellow amber beads in an alternating pattern. To be honest, I chose the color scheme based on aesthetics, I love how pretty the multi-colors are!

I got the 12″ style for Lilian (you can choose from 11-16 inches for the children’s styles), and it’s a little long on her, so she’s got some room to grow in it, but even though she’s almost two, she’s a very petite child! (She’s only 22 pounds). It has an amber-colored screw fastener with no parts to catch on any clothing or skin, and it blends in nicely with the necklace. The necklace is knotted between each bead (like a string of pearls) so if it does break, you won’t have little beads all over the place or a choking hazard.

The Inspired by Finn website has an awesome informational section on the benefits of Baltic Amber. Amber isn’t a stone or a mineral, but is fossilized tree resin from forests tens of millions of years ago. It warms to your skin and releases succinic acid, a chemical naturally found in the body that promotes wellness and immunity and can help relieve pain and reduce inflammation. Amber can be used for teething babies/children (should not be worn unsupervised), but also for adults in cases of chronic pain, arthritis, etc.

I’ve been putting Lilian’s necklace on her all weekend while we’re awake, and she has slept through the past 2-3 nights with no wake-ups and no tears. Could it be a coincidence, maybe, but I have to say, I’m a believer already! I want to order myself a matching bracelet/necklace to see if it will help with my chronic back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, and joint aches!

And what would a review be without seeing the adorable Lilian modelling the jewelry??

Here is Lilian wearing the necklace while visiting her great aunt and cousins. Her baby cousin “V” (age 11 months) is totally jealous of it and was playing with it!

I tried to get a nice close-up portrait of Lilian smiling, but she preferred to run around the yard and play with her cousin, so a funny face is going to have to be sufficient! I guess it’s pretty typical of a near-two-year-old anyway!

And lastly, a photo of Lilian wearing her necklace at the zoo with her grandpa yesterday. It was SUPER hot (in the 90’s) so her hair was all sorts of a mess, but she’s looking at the monkey cage here, and is obviously captivated!

The necklace is worn under the clothes so it makes maximum contact with the skin, so you can only see it peeking out on the sides, but it still looks adorable! And Lilian loves having it put on! I bet it makes her feel grown up and glamorous having jewelry of her own!

Would You Like To WIN an Amber Necklace to match Lilian’s????

One lucky reader will have a piece of jewelry sent to them from Inspired by Finn, any color, any bead shape of their choosing. It must be 16 inches or shorter (which includes all children’s necklaces and ankles, and bracelets and anklets for adults) and it must be an “in stock” item.

To enter, leave a comment and tell me which item you would like to have shipped to you if you win (color, bead shape, and size) and a way you can be contacted if you win so I can get your shipping address!

For extra entries, you may do any of the following and recieve an extra entry in the giveaway for each you complete. Please let me know which of these you have done.
* “Like” Inspired by Finn on Facebook.
* Add a separate comment here sharing your favorite non-medicinal teething remedies!
* Follow my blog
* Suggest to your friends that THEY come read my blog and enter the contest as well, if they tell me YOU sent them, you get an extra entry.

The giveaway will begin immediately, and I will no longer accept entries after 11:59PM EST on July 13. Winner will be announced between then and July 15, 2010 and contacted. Product will be shipped directly by the company within a reasonable amount of time.

And if you have no patience for contests, I urge you to go purchase an Inspired by Finn product. They are offering the following way to receive a discount:
“TO SAVE 20% on an order with us, join us by clicking the “Like” button toward the top of our “Wall” tab. TO SAVE 25%, join us by clicking the “Like” button + use the “Suggest to Friends” link near the top left of this “Wall” tab to suggest this page to your Facebook friends. The discount code is entered/applied during checkout, and the discount is given off of prices on our website – www.InspiredByFinn.com The codes to use once you have completed the criteria above – To save 20%: FB20, To save 25%: FB25.”

Thank you for reading & good luck to you all!!!

Ispired by Finn sent me the amber necklace pictured as a gift for me to review and use, but all photos, words, opnions, and descriptions on this page are my own.

And… if you make/sell a product and you’d like Lilian and I to review/model it and/or do a giveaway, please contact me!

EDITED Wed, July 14 at Midnight: Thank you to everyone for entering! The contest is now closed and the winner will be drawn tomorrow or the next day and announced!

No entries after this will be accepted!

Please see my other giveaways for other awesome prizes!


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  1. >I would love a Light Oval in 14in.

  2. >I subscribe to your blog.

  3. >I have Liked Inspired by Finn on Facebook.

  4. >My favorite Non-Medicinal Teething remedy is letting my child eat frozen juice popsicles to help with the pain.

  5. >We mostly use Hyland's teething tablets, because they're natural. But I also have a teething ring she'll gnaw on, or even a spare toothbrush can bring some relief.I'm glad you've both gotten some sleep!

  6. >I like the 12" Butter Round necklace, and I "Liked" then on Facebook. They've got some cool stuff.

  7. >Tonia – I forgot about the toothbrush thing! Yes! Lilian loves "brushing" her teeth when her gums hurt, so I let her chew on a toothbrush!

  8. >we just recently got one from them, but as I've found, as Patrick wears his ALL DAY LONG, the string does eventually wear out, so a backup would be awesome!

  9. >I would LOVE the 12 inch 4 color round one…just like Lilian has!(I also LIKED them on FB for an extra entry!)

  10. >I think I would get the Rainbow Round in 13 or 14 inches. I'll also like them on Facebook!

  11. >Hyland's teething tablets work wonders for Holland!

  12. >I follow your blog and just "liked" them on Facebook! :)I would want any darker-colored one in 14"….

  13. >We use Boiron Camilia homeopathic teething drops…They really seem to help him, and we've tried H.ylands Teething gel, tablets and Gentle Remedies!

  14. >I love her "funny face"…she's SO BEAUTIFUL!

  15. >I like 2 different dark round beads in 13-13.5 inches.Heatherkaleidoscopejane at yahoo dot com

  16. >Like Inspired By Finn on FBHeatherkaleidoscopejane at yahoo dot com

  17. >Following via GFCHeatherkaleidoscopejane at yahoo dot com

  18. >We love our Inspired By Finn Necklace, but Xavier will grow out of it before he is done teething. It is my favorite natural remedy!!Heatherkaleidoscopejane at yahoo dot com

  19. >I love the 4 different color round one like your daughter's! We would need a size 11.5-12 inches. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  20. >I like Inspired By Finn on Facebook! 🙂 Thanks for the extra entry!SpinachBreath@aol.com

  21. >My favorite non-medicinal teething remedy is letting my kids chew on washcloths that we get damp and then freeze :-)SpinachBreath@aol.com

  22. >Just became a follower of your blog!SpinachBreath at aol dot com

  23. >Just became a follower of your blog on GFC!tdware79 at yahoo dot com

  24. >Like Inspired By Finn on FBtdware79 at yahoo dot com

  25. >The Tree Huggin Momma sent me!tdware79 at yahoo dot com

  26. >I like the Rainbow Round in size 12 1/2 to 13 inches.jlware82 at yahoo dot com

  27. >You can also use a frozen banana for teething. They shouldnt get a big enough piece to choke on , but if they do swallow it, its good for them!

  28. >I like Inspired by Finn on FB.jlware82 at yahoo dot com

  29. >I like 2 different round beads in 12.5-13 inches.tdware79 at yahoo dot com

  30. >I follow via GFCjlware82 at yahoo dot com

  31. >The Tree Huggin Momma sent me !jlware82 at yahoo dot com

  32. >I would get the Light green black round in 15 inches flutterbyenature at yahoo dot ca

  33. >I like Inspired by finn on FBAbbie Nflutterbyenature at yahoo dot ca

  34. >I follow via GFCflutterbyenature at yahoo dot ca

  35. >Thank you to everyone for entering! The contest is now closed and the winner will be drawn tomorrow or the next day and announced!No entries after this will be accepted!Please see my other giveaways for other awesome prizes!

  36. >I like the Butter Round 13 inches. melissaneece at yahoo dot com

  37. >I like Finn on Facebook.melissaneece at yahoo dot com

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