>i HATE summer!

I can’t take it! Feels like 97?!?! It might as well be 207 degrees out!

Looks like my wife bought me my surprise air conditioner for our bedroom (ours broke sometime over the winter and wouldn’t turn on this season) JUST in time! I’m pretty sure I’m not even going to leave the bedroom today!

I HATE summer. I HATE hot weather. For some reason, I overheat so easily. And I’m always warmer than everyone around me. In the winter, I rarely get cold… it’s like i’m ALWAYS hot. So when it’s REALLY hot out, it’s unbearable for me. And it seems that Lilian is the same way, she’s rarely cold, and she gets hot/flushed/overheated really easily too. I guess that’s one more thing she got from me, we’re really “warm blooded.”

The ONLY two things I enjoy about summer are swimming and fresh fruit… the rest of summer can go SUCK IT. And seeing how we didn’t get a pool membership again this year, I don’t think fruit is enough to keep me from being cranky about the heat.

I can’t understand people who live in hot weather climates! For me, that would be pure torture. I just endure the summer (here in New York) and wait for it to be over so I can enjoy the autumn/winter/spring. If we ever make a long distance move, I’d like it to be north… or at least not SOUTH of here at all! I guess I’m just a snow bunny at heart.


Posted on June 28, 2010, in long island, new york, weather. Bookmark the permalink. 3 Comments.

  1. >LMAO @ "The ONLY two things I enjoy about summer are swimming and fresh fruit… the rest of summer can go SUCK IT." I love when you talk trash 🙂

  2. >Hahaha!!! I am visiting your blog for the first time. You have to stop over and read my current blog post because it's all about how I hate summer and can someone please wake me when it's Fall. :)I even said the only thing I like about summer is swimming. I should have added fresh fruit b'c that is true too.

  3. >This summer seems to be overly torturous. I actually like summer, but there is nothing like cool, crisp fall days! But I agree, fresh fruit (and tomatoes in the garden!) can't be beat!

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