>"Children of Lesbian Parents Grow up Happy and Well Adjusted" They Say!

>A recent study was published about the children of lesbian parents Children of Lesbian Parents Grow up Happy and Well Adjusted. And whereas I’m glad that the results of the study were positive, the fact that the study was needed as “proof” feels kind of weird. Why WOULDN’T children of lesbian moms be happy or well adjusted?

Of course there are exceptions to everything, but I’d be willing to bet that the percentage of PLANNED pregnancies in lesbian families is MUCH higher than the percentage of planned pregnancies in heterosexual couples. And I’m not implying that an unplanned child can’t be or isn’t loved… but… well, you get the idea.

I’d be curious to see other studies… like IQ, percentage of white collar jobs vs blue collar jobs, average earning, age at which they get married and have their own children, etc. Like I said, I’d expect the children to be happy and well adjusted, but I wonder if their parenting resulted in any other statistical anomalies. I’ve seen tons of people post links to this article on my Facebook, but to me, I just feel like saying “DUH!”


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