>Today Will Change Everything

>Today is a day that for the past 7 years seemed very far away and like it may never happen… but it’s today, and it’s here.

Today is the day that my mother-in-law retires and moves back to the USA. And not just the USA, but New York… Long Island… where we live!

For all of the followers of my old blog or Missy’s blog, you know a lot of specifics, but I’ll just leave it at my relationship with all my in-laws (and Missy’s too for that matter) is complicated.

For the past 12 (i may have that number wrong, but approximately) years, Missy’s parents have lived overseas. Her dad took a job in The Netherlands back in 1997 (or so, again, I’m not sure of the exact year, and it’s not important) and her mom followed shortly after. Her mom has lived in The Netherlands ever since. She spends a lot of time in the U.S. – she usually visits for about 2 weeks over Christmas, a week or two in February for her birthday, a week around Easter, and then 2+ months over the summer. (So even though she lived in Europe, I saw her more than my OWN mom who lives in New Jersey, by about 100x!) But for most of the year, we had an ocean dividing us.

And when she was here, she was on vacation. She was a guest in either our house or Dawn’s house. (Dawn is my sister-in-law by the way) And we played hostess. So… the change will be, not only will all the in-laws live here now, but there will be a different dynamic. My parents-in-law won’t be guests or on vacation… it’ll be “real life”. I’m not sure exactly how this will change things, but I’m pretty sure it will.

We hope to be moving soon… not sure when, not sure where, but our family has outgrown the tiny beach cottage we’re living in now… but that’s a topic for another post.

But today all our lives will change. I hope it’s for the best, I actually kinda feel in my heart that it WILL be for the best. But I guess I better be ready… ready… GO!

Our Home, May 15, 2008


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  1. >I'm glad that you feel that it will be for the best and that everything will be okay. xo

  2. >i wish you all the luck in the world, and i (like linda) am glad that you're going into this with a positive attitude.the house looks beautiful, by the way, with the nicely-mown lawn 🙂

  3. >Thanks, Mary! But this photo is from May 2008. But, it is mowed again, thank god!

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