>Help Me Out… Choosing a new Mobile Phone

Here’s the kind of post where instead of TELLING you something, i ASK you something.

I have had a Sidekick mobile phone for about 5 years. I had the Sidekick 2 model, the Sidekick 3 model, and then the Sidekick 2008 model (and I have the cute purple floral one pictured). I obviously liked it. But at the time, there weren’t as many “smart phone” options… it was really Palm Pilot, Blackberry, or Sidekick. And now there are a BILLION of them out there! iPhone, Droid, etc. And i haven’t done ANY research on them.

Well, my contract is up in late August or early September, and I think it’s time to move on. Each of my Sidekicks by the end of their 2 year contracts were in sorry shape, they just don’t hold up. This recent one has done the best… but i’m on my THIRD battery, the first two completely died on me and won’t hold a charge. Lucky for me, an awesome internet/blog friend (MLL) send me two new ones, but one died and now I’m on that last one… because they cost $50 a piece!!!

So, here are the things I use my phone for, in priority order.
1. Email – and I want there to be at least 3 different accounts on it.
2. Web Browsing
3.Text Messaging/Picture Messaging
4. Photos – must be decent quality
5. Phone Calls
I don’t use the calendar function, I still use paper for that.

And, I don’t want to pay more than $80 a month for unlimited web browsing and texting. I don’t care about talk minutes, I barely talk on the phone.

I need to see if and where we’re moving first, because some carriers don’t get good cell reception in some areas and some get excellent, so that will be a consideration as well.

You’d think iPhone would be my obvious first choice, but I just don’t know if I’m a fan of the touch screen. It seems hard to use and not very precise… and that it would get scratched and icky quickly. So… if you have touch screen, tell me if you’re happy with it.

So… help me out. What kind of Smart Phone do YOU use… do you like it??? What functions do you use?? And what should I get?!??

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  1. >Friends don't let friends buy BlackBerrys. Seriously, they are a disaster to support, and they require entrusting your username and password to a third party. When they work, they're fantastic, but they spend far too much time not working, in our experience.Even though your contract is up and you could switch carriers, are you on a family plan that would make it more convenient to stay? At this point, just about all of the carriers, including T-Mobile, offer Google's Android OS on one or more phones. This works really well, offers a good web experience, and is likely to be well supported for a while.Palm's WebOS phones are available from a couple of carriers, and the Verizon Wireless versions come with free "mobile hotspot" feature. That means you can turn the phone into a Wi-Fi base station, to get your nearby laptop online, at no extra charge. This is awesome for traveling. This is also a great interface, but my biggest concern is that WebOS may not be as viable as Apple and Google's offerings, in the long term. If you don't care whether there's lots of support for new features on your OS down the road, go for it.And I've got an iPhone. I bought one for myself, moving from Verizon Wireless to AT&T so I could, after a little over a year of having a work iPhone and a personal old-school Motorola cell phone. It's great. I got used to typing on glass very quickly, and it's really impressive how good it is at guessing what you MEANT to type when you hit the wrong key. I wish I could upgrade to an iPhone 4 right away, since the high-resolution display wows me, but I'm not eligible yet. Still, I expect to stay happy with the 3GS for a while. As for the scratched and icky, they quickly replaced the plastic screen of the prototypes with glass, so it's quite hard to scratch. There are also cases available that do a good job of protecting it, including transparent plastic sheets for the screen that can be replaced when they get worn.I have as many e-mail accounts on it as I care to add; that's true of all of these phones, to be fair.Web browsing is better on the iPhone than on any of the others, and I've tried them all. It's quite good on the Android phones and Palm phones, but not AS good.Text messaging and picture messaging just plain work. There was no picture message feature for a while, but it was added last year. The camera quality is outstanding; number of megapixels isn't what you want to look at. Picture quality is what you want to look at.And especially in a 3G signal area, call quality is very good. In other areas, it's just decent cellular quality.Good luck with your decision!

  2. >i love my iphone and plan to get the new one the day it comes out! i've gotten used to typing on the touch screen (i have trouble typing on blackberrys and other phones with tiny chiclet keyboard buttons now), but there are times when it guesses wrong (in case you don't know, the iphone knows that you're not always going to hit the right letters, so it will guess what you're trying to type, if you do start hitting the wrong letters).like the commenter above said, the iphone screens are glass, and the new one (which also has a glass back) is supposedly made from this super hard crazy glass that is even more scratch-resistant. but if you're still worried about scratches, you can get a screen protector (which is what i use now but probably won't with the new phone).i have no idea what the plan prices are because we have a family plan – i do know that, although iphones currently have unlimited data, AT&T is changing that. i am sure you will still be able to get an unlimited data plan for a price, but i don't know how much $$ it will be. i also don't know how much unlimited texts costs, because i have the cheapest texting option (200 texts for $5). well, actually, since i still have the original iphone, my 200 texts are included, but i know that for adam (he has a newer iphone), it is $5 for 200.i have heard terrible things about AT&T in NYC – since everyone there seems to have an iphone, the network gets super bogged down, and calls are frequently dropped or unable to be placed in the first place. but i don't know if this extends as far as patchogue or east hampton. i've had some issues with AT&T service, but nothing any worse (or better) than i had with sprint, back in the day.oh, and i don't use email on my iphone, so i can't help you there!

  3. >I LOVEEEEEEEE my iPhone

  4. >Illyana, if Dana didn't have an unlimited AT&T data plan before Monday, she won't be able to get one now at any price. Now, 2GB/month is plenty for a ludicrous amount of web browsing. It just falls down if you do a lot of streaming video when you're not on Wi-Fi.

  5. >I have an Lg Envy touch, which is a touch screen that flips open to a chicklet keyboard. I got this because I didn't think I would like typing on the touch screen, but turns out I never use the inside. I run four emails off of it, along with unlimited web and text for about 60/month. I like it a lot, but am considering upgrading to a droid when my contract is up.

  6. >Thanks everyone! So far I'm getting the most "votes" for iPhone (including the people that commented on my Facebook)… and I have at least 3 months to decide!I think I need to go to the stores and hold them!

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