>Who Kidnapped My Easy, Pleasant Baby and Replaced Her with This Fussy Difficult Toddler?!?!?!

>Lilian is having a difficult streak. I hope it’s not the “Terrible Twos” because I can’t take a whole year of this! I hope it’s just a phase.

For starters, she’s on some kind of hunger strike. She used to be a good eater, so flexible, she’d eat anything! Now, it’s a struggle to get her to even eat ONE meal a day, let alone three. She even rejects a lot of her favorite foods and snacks. She’s drinking a ton… and still pooping every day (sorry, TMI) and she still has loads of energy, so it’s not really affecting her, but she has just gotten extremely fussy lately.

Second of all, related to this… for the past 2-3 days, its a MELTDOWN when we try to get her in her highchair. She flexes her whole body straight so I can’t even bend her into a sitting position and she holds her breath until she turns blue. (She’s had BHS… breath holding spells… for over a year and she’s passed out & had convulsions before from it). Then it’s 10 minutes of crying in the highchair, throwing her plate… until she eventually gives in and then she might nibble, but it ruins every meal for us! I can’t eat with a screaming, sky-blue baby next to me.

We’ve had several meltdowns in public (friends houses or restaurants) and I’m just at wits end. If she’s doing something SHE wants to do, she’s fine. Playing, watching her favorite TV shows, chasing a dog, playing outside, etc. But the minute you tell her she has to sit still, sit for a meal, sit in a highchair, can’t play with something (that ISN’T her toy or breakable), has to leave somewhere or stop doing something fun – results in a meltdown. She has her freedom 95% of the day, gets what she wants, etc. So for 5% of the time, if I “make” her sit down for a meal, that seems pretty fair.

Luckily, she’s really freakin’ cute and so I forget about it quickly. And luckily we have some pretty understanding friends that let her get away with murder. But I’m not sure how much of this I can take! I really hope this is just a phase and it passes quickly.

Any experienced moms out there have any advice?!?!

But then she goes and does something TOTALLY adorable like this (this was NOT posed, she did this all on her own after fleeing from the “potty”)… and all is forgiven.


Posted on June 9, 2010, in bhs, eating, feeding, lilian, meltdowns, motherhood, terrible twos. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. >You must have been besides yourself the first time she passed out…convulsions too? Wow. I hope you get lots of feedback on this from the Moms who are following your blog.xoxoLinda

  2. >Yeah, we were in Lancaster in a hotel the first time she passed out… she was doing the breath holding thing, and she was standing up… before that she had always caught her breath so I didn't think much of it… but this time she crumbled and fell down – by the time i got down to the floor she had come to and looked all dazed, but forgot why she was upset! That's when I researched what was going on and discovered the BHS.

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