>And… in Rolls Summer

>And so it begins… summer. Summer is my least favorite season. Being hot is the most uncomfortable feeling to me… worse than being cold, probably worse than pain even! But I’m trying to have a different outlook this year… because this is the first summer Lilian is active and can participate in summertime activities! Last summer, she was just starting to walk (walking by July), and although she enjoyed the swings at the playground and being held/floated in the pool, her activites were limited. But it seems, this summer i’ve traded in my “baby” for a full-on “kid” and she’s ready for summer! So we’re taking advantage of living at the beach, and we’ve taken Lilian 4 times so far this year.

Prior to this year, I’ve never been a “beach” girl. Sand is kinda messy, the ocean is kinda icky, and I HATE the sun. But this year, I feel differently! It’s a whole new experience going to the beach with a kid. The sand is a giant sandbox, “digging” is the coolest thing Lilian has discovered in a while (and “dig” not only becomes something she shouts in excitement, but I’m pretty sure it’s become an order too!), and the ocean is the world’s largest bath tub to her!

Our first beach trip, we went in sneakers and clothes, just to “relax” and sight-see… but Lilian wanted to wade in her sneakers and got soaking wet… and I knew the beach would be a hit! The next time we went, was Memorial Day… (the above photo in the Dora swimsuit)… and the beach was crowded and it was a windy day and Lilian just wasn’t feeling it. But visits 3 and 4 were a hit! We went to Target and picked up some cute beach toys (all for $1-$2) including shovels, a rake, a sand wheel (which works better with water), and a few pails and sand castle molds. And we picked up a pair of “Knocs” (what I like to call generic brand “fake” Crocs) to protect her feet from the shells/rocks… and we were all set!

So whereas before, when I found the beach boring, because I don’t like to sun, and swimming in the ocean icks me out a little… it’s a whole new experience! I’m able to see digging in the sand, wading, and splashing through toddler eyes… and it’s the most fun thing ever!

I’m still hoping we can get a pool membership again this year, but I am glad Lilian is a big fan of the beach, since living here it’s something free and easy to do!


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  1. >She is getting so big!

  2. >Agreed! She's now a "little girl".

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