>What’s NOT-SO-New with Lilian (An old post copied from August 12, 2009)


What’s NOT-SO-New with Lilian

  • This is an old post, copied from my old blog… written on Aug. 12th, 2009
  • at 3:32 PM. But since it’s relevant to my NEW posts to come, I figured I’d share it here too.
Lilian (7 months)

Lilian has grown up so much since I last wrote about her here! She’s going to be a year old tomorrow. Wow.
Here’s what is new with her:

* She can walk. She started about 3 weeks ago doing it daily (before that, it was only a few steps here and there), and last week she does it on her own a few times a day, short distances. (But she still mostly crawls, she hasn’t switched over to walking full time yet.) And this week she’s walking about 50% of the time.

* She used to be stingy with her giggles/laughs. She used to only laugh when tickled, when doing something “daring” (like when we “throw” her or spin her), or a few times at the dogs. Last week, she started laughing… ALL the time! At everything. At us, at the dogs, at stuff she does, at other kids, etc. Its so cute.

* She grew her bottom 2 teeth the week she turned 6 months. And last week, her top 2 teeth cut the gums, so now she has 4 teeth (but the top two aren’t all the way grown in yet.)

* She’s still teeny tiny. Her last doctor’s visit was almost 2 months ago, so we don’t know her stats now (at her 10 month well-baby doctor visit she was 16 lb and 27 inches long which is 5th percentile for weight, 15th percentile for height… so she grew 2 lbs and 2 inches since her previous visit at 7 months old). If I had to guess, I’d guess she’s around 18 lbs now and 28 inches tall. We go next week for her doctor’s appointment. 6 month and 6-9 month clothes fit her perfectly (or are sometimes a bit too short). 9 month and 9-12 month clothes fit, but are a little loose on her. But she’s perfectly healthy and meeting all her milestones!

* She says 4 words (or “almost words”) now. She says Mom/Momma/MomMom. She says “uh oh”. She says “ta ta” which my MIL taught her as “thank you”. And she says “dog” though it sounds more like “doh”. She’s not very vocal most of the time… except she Sings! She loves to sing and sings herself to sleep most nights.

* She is still not much of an eater… but she eats everything! She wants bites of everything we eat, and she likes EVERYTHING. But she doesn’t eat a lot. She has been refusing spoon-feeding mostly lately (though she’ll eat yogurt), she wants to feed herself. She loves cooked veggies, pasta, meatloaf/hamburger, tofu, biscuits, muffins, veggie burgers, pizza, etc. She’s still allergic/sensitive to milk (and drinks Nutramigen) so I’m not sure when we’ll get her off formula. She still drinks 6-8 bottles of formula a day. We’ve been giving her a few bottles of water a day now too… but we haven’t found a sippy cup that works for her yet.

* Lilian plays with toys now. Her favorites are Fisher Price Little People – she has the barn, Noah’s Ark, and the house. She has a push walker that makes music and a music table. She doesn’t show much interest in stuffed animals, she likes plastic toys… and things she can put “in” things (she puts the animals in and out of the barn).

* Lilian is pacifier-free, she weaned herself off of them! She just used them less and less, and about a month ago she wouldn’t even take it to sleep… so I stopped offering, and we’ve been pacifier-free for about a month. She does still sleep with & cuddle with her little taggie-lovey mini-blankets (we call them ShamWows). They bring her a lot of comfort and it’s super cute.

* She doesn’t really like clothes. She doesn’t mind wearing a slim-fitting onesie, but she hates dresses, pants, anything baggy, hats, shoes, etc.

* She still has attachment issues, she cries whenever I leave a room, but gets over it quickly (so I’m told).

* Lilian LOVES animals. I’d say that’s her favorite “thing”. She loves our dogs (and her aunt’s). She loves petting zoos, aquariums, etc. She squeals when she sees other people’s dogs and she wants to pet every animals she sees. She calls all animals “dog” though (for now).

* She loves swimming & baths… she used to be afraid in the pool, but she’s over that now and loves to be in the water. She also likes playing outside.

* We still co-sleep (since she was 8 months) and she sleeps from 10PM – 8AMish and I’m thrilled with that! She naps twice a day, from 10AM-12PMish and 5PM-6PMish.

Overall, she’s a happy, easy baby. She’s healthy and meeting all milestones early or on time. She’s beautiful, sweet and funny. Honestly, she’s just perfect and I’ve never been happier.

Lilian was born on August 13, 2008 at 8:08 AM weighing 7 lb, 4 oz and 20 inches long.

She smiled for the first time (socially) September 28, 2008.
She noticed her fingers and started using her hands November 2008.
She found her toes and started reaching out for toys in January 2009. She also first sat up on her own in January 2009.
She first laughed January 24, 2009.
She first rolled over February 2009.
She started crawling early March 2009.
She gave her first kisses in April 2009.
She learned to walk late July 2009.

Lilian has travelled to California, Philadelphia, and Rhode Island this year.

It’s been quite a year! I love you, Peanut!


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