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It’s been a while. I’ve missed blogging… and I have a lot to say… but for now… a Lilian update!

Lilian is 19.5 months now… closer to 2 than 1, I can’t believe it. And she’s FUN! This is a great age. She’s talking, dancing, playing… and it’s something new every day.

If you know us, you know she’s obsessed with Dora… and now Diego too. It’s all Dora all the time. She sees her everywhere too. I can be walking down the soup/pasta aisle in the grocery store and she starts chanting “dora, dora, dora” from the cart… and I look over, and sure enough, a can of Campbell’s soup has a tiny Dora on the front. How does she spot her everywhere?!?! We have Dora recorded on TV, Dora dishes and forks, Dora bath toys and bubble bath, a Dora toothbrush and toothpaste, Dora PJs and t-shirts, Dora sheets, Dora toys & dolls, Dora sippy cups, etc.

How can I stand it some people wonder? If you saw HOW happy it makes her, you’d understand. If you saw the frantic wiggling and dancing when the songs come on. If you saw the way she lights up when she “finds a friend” in public… you’d get it. Though to be honest, I had no idea an obsession would start this young… but, we’re just going with it. Like everything else, it’ll pass, and for now it makes her the happiest girl in town.

She’s speaking a lot now. She uses words for most all of her needs/wants (rather than the frantic whining/pointing we had 6 months ago.) Let me see if I can recall all of her words: eat, juice (which also includes milk, we only have one word so far for beverage), book, bath, poop, Dora, Gogo (which means Diego), Map, Backpack, Boo (Boots), dog, moo (when she sees a cow), out, up, more, gook (cookies), cack (cake), app (apple), ban (banana), bubb (bubbles), uh oh, stuck, animal, hola, abre, open. That’s all I can think of now, I’m probably missing a few.

If I had to say what her favorite things are… I’d say… music/dancing, animals/dogs, TV/snuggling, books, climbing/playgrounds/slides, travel/shopping/anywhere she gets to observe people/places, baths, and of course Dora and friends.

Eating & sleeping… she’s a champ. We still co-sleep (since 8 months) and it works out amazing for our family. We keep her on my schedule… so she goes to bed between 10-11 and we wake up between 8-9 and so she sleeps a good 10 hours a night. Then we have one definite nap a day, anywhere between 1-3 hours long somewhere between 11-2 and sometimes a second nap around 4-5PM. She’s also a fabulously unpicky eater (knock on wood)… she eats anything you put in front of her… and I mean anything… meat, tofu, veggies, indian and chinese food. The more flavorful the better… she loves mustard, sauces, dressings, etc… and if the food is bland then she wants to dip. She self feeds completely with a spoon or fork (though sometimes gets impatient and digs in with her hands) once we cut the food “diced” size. She doesn’t care for mushy foods though… oatmeal, mashed potatoes, anything with a consistency like that she’s not interested in, she want to chew! Her favorite foods are: apples, bananas, broccoli, cereal, chinese food, soup, pizza, pasta with sauce, chocolate, salad, etc.

Speaking of chewing… she has 12 teeth – the four front top, four front bottom, and four molars. She’s been teething and chewing up her hand the past week or two, but I can’t tell if its the canine/eyeteeth coming in or the 2-year molars. Whatever it is, I hope they hurry up! Maybe she’ll cut all eight at once and we’ll be done with it!

I’m so looking forward to spring. We’ve had some warm days already and went to the park… and it’s like a whole different world as compared to last summer! She can climb, slide, run, etc. all on her own! She’s pretty fearless (which is frightening for me!) and LOVES going down slides… she says “weeeeeeeeee” and it’s so adorable. I’m looking forward to going to the park and/or down to the playground at our private beach a lot more this year.

Lilian went to the pediatrician a couple of weeks ago… she was 18.5 months – she was exactly 20 lbs and 30 7/8 inches. She’s in the 25% for height (which went up, she was previously in the 10-15%) and she fell off the charts (below 0%) for weight. So she’s a tiny little thing. But the pediatrician said she’s growing on her own curve, she’s getting a lot of height, she’s perfectly healthy, meeting or surpassing all her milestones, and so she wasn’t concerned about her size. Currently she’s between clothing sizes, she’s still in 12 months (or even 9 month onesies) but can also get away with 18 month clothes, but they’re sometimes big, especially in the waist. She got re-fitted for shoes, and she’s in a 4.5 now (up from a 3.5 that she before first birthday).

Lilian is shy with new people, but when she opens up, she’s a funny kid. A performer even. She’s sweet and good at sharing… but stubborn as hell. She always knows exactly what she wants, and is often relentless until she gets it… or gets distracted!

Sometimes I just can’t believe I’m going to have a TWO year old soon! Where did the last year go? She is just so perfect and I feel so lucky every day.


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