>Day 1… again and again…

>I joined Weight Watchers January 26, 2009. My brother’s wedding was in
April and I was mortified to see family I hadn’t seen in forever. I lost
almost 20 lbs by April 1 when we went to California (9 weeks). Then, I
fell off the WW bandwagon after my brother’s wedding (which was my
original goal/motivation for going.) I still went once a month or so
and weighed in, but after those original 3 months, I really didn’t stick
to it. But when I did, it really worked!!!

From January to April 2009 I lost 19.8 pounds. By May 4 I had lost 23,
which was the most I ever lost. Gained a little back, then June 3 I had
lost 23.8 (total). By the end of June I gained 4 back (so my loss was
at 19.8), by the end of July I had gained 3 more (putting my loss at
16.8). By September I gained 2 more (my loss at 14.8). Then between my
birthday (Sept 8) and October 22 I had gained TEN pounds in 6 weeks (we
spent in Pennsylvania), putting my loss at only 4.8 pounds. December 15
I had lost 1.6 (total loss at 6.4) and I went today January 5, 2010 and
had lost 1.6 more (total loss at 8). So, sad, slowly over the rest of
the 9 months of the year I gained back nearly all of it, and now it’s
January 2010 and I’m pretty much back where I started (I may be 8 lbs
less then where I started last year, but I look virtually the same.)

I took my body measurements when I started Weight Watchers (LAST year
January 2009) and again 3 months later… and I lost .5″ off my arms,
4.5″ off my waist, 3″ off my hips, 1″ off my thigh, 2″ off my chest (Bra
Band), and 3″ off my bust. Down 2 pants sizes and 2 bra sizes! Yay
So I took measurements again today… and as compared to my ORIGINAL
measurements, I’m nearly the same again. So I got back all those
inches. So sad.

And last year, I said THIS is the year that I “take back” my body… and
sadly it wasn’t.

But maybe this time for real.

So today was Day 1, Take 100-or-so back on Weight Watchers. The first
week is the hardest, but I’ll find my way back.

I’m feeling very inspired this time.



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