>She’s Talking!

>Lilian started talking a few weeks ago… and it's still a novelty to
me! It's so freaking' cute and practical too! She can TELL me what she
wants (though, unfortunately for me, what she wants 95% of the time is
to watch Dora)!

Between the verbal words and her signing, I'd say she has a vocabulary
of about 20 words or concepts.

She says:
Duck (And pretty much every animal falls into one of those two
Bot (for bottle)
Baa (for bath)
Dora (which changed from doh-doh to door)
Boots (the monkey in Dora)
Map (also from dora)
Back-ck (backpack, from dora)
Gook (for cookie)
Baby (a doll)
Uh oh (if she drops something)
Mom or MomMom

She does baby sign language for:
Bath/Wash (a hand washing movement)
More (which she uses the most)
Brushing teeth (rubs teeth with finger)

I probably forgot a few…

If you say these body parts, she points to them (and I'm working on
teaching her more):
Beebo (belly button)
(Sometimes she knows nose/eye but often she points to her mouth when I
say those)

So, it's super fun and helpful that when she's whiney or unhappy, I can
say "do you want a bottle? Do you want to eat?" etc. And when she hears
the choice she wants, she says "Bot" or "eat" or more likely "Dora"
while doing the "more" hand signal. And the other day, she requested a
bottle, I took her into the kitchen to get one… got distracted and did
something else, then headed back to her room. And when we sat down, she
looked at me so confused and said "bot?" And I said "oh yeah! I
forgot!" It was so neat that she could TELL me why I went into the
kitchen and what I forgot.

I can't wait until she can express more than just her "needs" and
"wants" and can talk to me about something she thinks. Though I am
dreading the discovery of the word "why?"

I haven't really been keeping up with my August 2008 Mom/Baby group, so
I'm not sure where she stands… as in, if she's behind in her language
development or on time (it seems a little late, but I have no idea)…
but it seems like once she learned to communicate one words, than 10
more seemed to follow right away.

Every day I think I have maximum love for her, and each following day, I
shock myself by loving her MORE than I knew was possible.


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