>New Year’s Goals – Month 1

>It can’t be just me. Every year, I’m pretty sure I have the same new
year’s goals. (Whereas I do like the concept of setting goals for the
new year, I’m not sure I like the term “resolutions”.) I guess this
means I’m not so good at follow through. Or maybe my goals are too
broad or too unrealistic. Maybe a year is too long to hold myself to

So this year I’m going to do it differently. Same goals, different
method. At the beginning of each month, I’m going to set monthly goals
and really hold myself to them. And the next month, instead of
replacing the goals, I’ll add to them. I need a lot of change in my
life, and hopefully adding my goals one by one, and by focussing on new
ones each month – this will be the year I turn things around.

The number one goal I have every year… is the new year’s cliche. Lose
weight. This year, more than that, I want to improve my look overall.
I want to care more about my appearance. Since moving here in 2007,
I’ve really kind of quit. But this is the subject of another entry

The past few years, I’ve also promised myself to read more… and it
didn’t really happen. This year, hopefully I can turn that around.

But my goal for January is going to be… to get organized. I need my
things, my environment, my mind, my life to be organized. I need to
eliminate my clutter, both physical and emotional. (Not having the 2010
pages for my Filofax planner/calendar doesn’t help. And yes, I’m
probably the last person on earth with a PAPER planner, and even though
my mobile has a calendar, I just can’t get into it.) Hopefully, I can
start today. Little by little, one thing a day, I want to take back my
life in an organized fashion.

In February, a second goal will be added… and I’ll check in on this

Anyone else with resolutions/goals? I’d love to hear about them!


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  1. >I am doing the same thing with my appearance. The only reason I look bad is because I dont try! So far I've gotten my hair cut super shot compared to my usual cut. This year I want to be more like ME instead of the disheveled new mom. Glad to see you are bloggin, Ive been wondering what you have been up to.

  2. >Good luck on your goals! ^_^

  3. >My friend Julie's blog, Paper Doll, might help you get organized! If nothing else, she's a fun writer. 🙂

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